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How to Keep an Incident Diary

This diary is your own personal record of what you see and hear. You can’t write down something that other people (including your husband, wife or partner) have witnessed. They must use their own diary.

You must fill in the diary as soon as possible while the incident is still fresh in your mind. It should be done on the same day or as soon after as possible.

Fill in one form for each separate incident, if there is a second incident on the same day or night a new form should be started.

Your signature and the date should be at the bottom of each form.

It is important you include everything you see or hear in as much detail as possible in the diary. A general summary such as ‘he used abusive language’ is not as effective as recording it word-for-word. This helps us gain a better picture of exactly what is happening.  We appreciate this may be upsetting however this evidence is very important.

Above all the diary should be accurate and truthful.