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Quarter Bach

Reduce Alcohol related violent Crime and Anti social behaviour

  • Glanamman and Garnant
    Wednesday, December 4, 2013
    Fri 04 Apr 2014


    For our priority this month , we will be carrying out high visibility patrols in and around anti social behaviour hot spots to target and prevent any anti social behaviour. We will also be ensuring a high visibilty police prensece outside licensed premises to prevent alcohol related crime from occuring.

    Licensing checks will be carried out over the Christmas period in on and off lincenses.

    We encourage anyone who has information which may assist in reducing alcohol related crime and anti social behaviour , to contact us on 101, or contacting Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Always phone 999 in an emergency.

    02/04/2014 -

    Due to the Six Nations championship finishing the Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to target anti-social behaviour and reduce alcohol related violent crime by concentrating this month on public areas such as parks, cycle paths and hotspot areas.

    05/03/2014 -

    -        Reports of Anti Social Behaviour and Crime associated with alcohol is down, there has been no incidents directly linked to over indulgence during the six nations championship, however this Policing Priority will remain live for the remaining of the championship.

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team has been significantly increasing High Visibility Patrols in and around licensed premises in the area to help prevent any likelihood of any disturbances. People found to be misbehaving in or around licensed premises will be reported to the Behave or Be Banned scheme.


    Reducing violent crime continues to remain a priority for February. We will continue to carry out a licence premises and checks to deter unacceptable behaviour at an early stage. Positive action will be taken by police when dealing with reports of violent crime. Due to the six nations championship we will also be monitoring people who are at risk of domestic violence. Statistics in Wales show an increase in domestic violence at this time.

    Everyone is encouraged to report such behaviour to show that the community will not tolerate any violence.

Illegal parking and motoring offences outside schools

  • Quarter Bach and Cwmamman area
    Thursday, February 13, 2014
    Fri 04 Apr 2014

    We have had numerous complaints of unacceptable parking from parents of children from Ysgol y bedol and Ysgol Brynaman . The Neighbourhood policing Team will target other motoring offences such as seat belts, child restraint/car seats and the use of mobile phones while driving. We will be work closely with Carmarthenshire county council Civil Enforcement officers and Road safety unit to make sure that we safeguard the children in our communities. Your cooperation and continued support in relation to these matters will make this happen. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas that can help us with this priority please contact us.


    02/04/2014 -

    The Neighbourhood Policing Team continues to work with Carmarthenshire County Council Road Safety Team to combat illegal parking and motoring offences outside Schools.

    Regular patrols will be carried out by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team. As part of this we hope to put adverts in the local Schools newsletters to raise awareness of the problem, and also bring it to the attention of the parents.

    05/03/2014 -


    PCSO 8129 Nia Humphreys and Pc Steve Morris, in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council Parking Enforcement officers, have patrolled the areas at the relevant times. Police 'No Waiting' Cones have been placed to assist with the issue.

    There is a lot of ‘work in progress’ trying to look at ways of improving on the current problem. Some examples are that with the Council's Road Safety Team we hope to get the Children at the school to create posters warning parents of the dangers of parking illegally near to the school. Also we hope to get the School Council to help the Police Enforce parking offences by asking offenders to engage in a questionnaire with the children, questions will be tailored around ‘why are you putting our lives at risk’

    If you have any ideas or suggestions that could help us with resolving this issue then please contact Pc Steve Morris 374, or PCSO Nia Humphreys on 101, Your assistance in any local matter is greatly appreciated.

Sergeant Kerry Scoberg 381

  • Sergeant Kerry Scoberg 381 is from the village of Pontlliw in Swansea.  He is married with three children. He joined Dyfed-Powys Police in 1994, where his first posting was to Llanelli Town. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2001.  Kerry went on to work as a Supervisor on the Offender Management Team. He was also the Evidential Review Officer for all criminal files forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service. Kerry is now the local Sergeant for the Ammanford Neighborhood Policing Team and is looking forward to working closely with the community and the relevant partner agencies.

PC Stephen Morris 374

  • Stephen Morris

    PC Stephen Morris was born and bred in Tycroes, Ammanford. He joined the Police service in 2001 having served previously as a Special Constable for 5 years. He says, “Having lived in Tycroes for most of my life I feel that I have an in depth knowledge and understanding of what matters most to the local community. I have also enjoyed several years playing rugby for Llandybie, which has also enabled me to build a large network of key community contacts. My aim is to continue to work in partnership with other agencies to tackle the issues that matter most to our communities.”

PCSO Nia Humphreys 8129

  • PCSO Nia Humphreys is a local resident who joined Dyfed-Powys police in October 2012 and is stationed in Ammanford, covering Quarter bach and Glanamman/Garnant. I am looking forward to working with the community and identifying local issues, if anyone has any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me.

PCSO Rhian James 8066

  • PCSO Rhian James

    PCSO Rhian James is from the Ammanford area and has been in Dyfed-Powys Police since March 2007.

    Rhian started as a PCSO based in Pembroke Dock until 2009 and then Llanelli until 2014.

    Now Rhian has moved to Ammanford she covers Glanamman, Garnant, Brynamman and the surrounding areas. 

    She says "I am currently learning to speak Welsh which I think will assist me in my role. High-visibility patrol is my main priority; I enjoy working closely with the Communities, Local agencies, and building links and dealing with local issues"

Neighbourhood Meetings

  • PACT (Partnerships and Communities Together) Meetings, first Thursday each month, at 6 PM in the Black Mountain Centre in Brynaman.

    Partnerships and Communities Together (PACT) gives you the chance to influence local policing priorities in the area.

    The Black Mountain Centre, Cwmgarw Road
    Thursday 1 May, 6:00pm