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Aberystwyth Town and University

Drinking in designated Public Places

  • Thursday, May 30, 2013
    Sun 02 Nov 2014

    It has been brought to Aberystwyth Town Neighbourhood Policing team the issue of drinkers in the alcohol free zone. Patrols will be conducted and alcohol will be seized should persons be identified.

    02/11/2014 Patrols continue within these areas, persons seen in these areas moved on and alcohol confiscated.

    Patrols carried out in the area a number of persons spoken to and alcohol seized, patrols will continue to be carried out during the Summer months.

Steal and Be Banned Initiative

  • Aberystwyth Town
    Thursday, May 30, 2013
    Sun 02 Nov 2014

    Over coming months, Aberystwyth retailers are going to be working in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team by targeting shoplifters and banning them from the stores on convictions. With the effective use of Store Net Radio’s, stores are able to notify Police and other stores immediately should they have any suspicions of individuals. The purpose of the scheme is to make Aberystwyth a safer and more pleasurable experience to shop.

    Steal and be banned (SABB) hold private meetings every 6 weeks. The last meeting on the 30/10/14 had 17 stores attend.

    Steal and be banned scheme up and running within the Aberystwyth town area. 43 stores involved in the scheme, anyone caught shoplifting within the Aberystwyth Town area will find themselves put on this scheme.

    We plan on having the Steal and Be Banned scheme set up by the end of June. Retailers in Aberystwyth Town will be working in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team by targeting shoplifters and banning them from the stores on convictions. The purpose of the scheme is to make Aberystwyth a safer and more pleasurable experience to shop.

Preventing Commercial Burglaries

  • Aberystwyth Town
    Sunday, November 16, 2014
    Sun 16 Nov 2014

    PCSO Amy Ryan will be visiting every small business and encouraging them to display
    “No cash or valuables kept on these premises” bi-lingual signs which will be
    provided by police. No
    stores should keep any laptops or electronic equipment on display overnight..

Past Priorities

Tue, October 14, 2014

  • Dyfed Powys Police are asking residents to help in their fight against modern day slavery during a week of activity in October. Our officers will be out in communities speaking to residents, business owners, factory managers and people working at our ports about modern day slavery. They will be explaining what to look out for and how people can help us to stop this exploitation taking place.

    It is a hidden crime. It is difficult to detect but there are signs to look out for, they include; people who have limited family contact; distrust authority; have no friends; appear underfed, uncared for and withdrawn; are disorientated and avoid eye contact. It may be easier to spot houses where victims could be held as the curtains may always be closed or have a reflective coating on them, there may even be locks or bars on the windows, CCTV cameras installed, the letterbox sealed and restricted access to the front and back doors.

    Watch film on modern slavery and find out about the signs to spot victims and how you can help www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv1H_fAoOG4&list=UU697e0rGEZK8tO-qmFN6kag

    You can report any suspicions to us by calling 101, or by calling the national helpline 0800 0121 700.

Sergeant Jane Mortley 422

  • Sergeant Jane Mortley

    Sergeant Jane Mortley has worked in Aberystwyth as a PC and sergeant since 2000. She joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2012 with responsibility for supervising the North Ceredigion team. She is committed to ensuring the team provide a high level of service and tackle the issues which affect the local communities.

PC Matthew Richards 1010

  • PC Matthew Richards

    PC Matthew Richards has been a police officer since March 2006, when he moved to the area from South Wales. Having worked Aberystwyth beat for 7 years he has recently joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team for Aberystwyth.

PCSO David Goffin 8067

  • PCSO David Goffin

    PCSO David Goffin has been in his role since March 2007. After working for over a year at Pembroke Dock, he started in the rural patch of Aberystwyth in September 2008. David is looking forward to working with the local community. When not in work, he enjoys playing snooker.

PCSO Amy Ryan 8156

  • PCSO Amy Ryan grew up in Aberystwyth and attended Penglais Comprehensive School. Amy has been living in Cardiff for the past 7 years but is excited about starting the new role back in her home town. Amy will be working in the Town and University area. Outside of work Amy enjoys the gym and Sci:fi television.


  • We currently have no future meetings planned for Aberystwyth Town. However if you would like to discuss an issue please contact us on 101.


  • 14.00 - 15.30 every Thursday during term time.

    Student Union Aberystwyth University