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Cardigan Town

Illegal cycling – ie on pavements, and contrary to one-way system in Cardigan Town

  • Wednesday, December 5, 2012
    Wed 10 Sep 2014

    10/09/2014 - Officers have given words of advice to 7 cyclists as a result of this priority, and will continue to monitor the situation whilst on patrol.

    14/07/2014 - High visibility patrols have been carried out in Cardigan town and one cyclist has been given words of advice.

    16/06/2014 - High visibility patrols have been carried out in Cardigan town, no issues with cycling have been seen by officers.

Speeding - Cardigan Town

  • Aberystwyth Road, Verwig Road, Gwbert Road and Cardigan Bypass
    Wednesday, June 4, 2014
    Wed 10 Sep 2014

    To deal with speeding issues in Cardigan town.

    10/09/2014 - Neighbourhood Policing and Roads Policing officers have been working together to target problem areas for speeding. ‘Read Your Speed’ equipment has been used on Gwbert Road, and in the past 3 months 78 fixed penalty notices for speeding were issued in the Cardigan area by the Roads Policing Unit. One driver was also issued a Section 59 warning for driving in an antisocial manner.

    18/07/2014 - Read Your Speed initiatives have been carried out by officers on Gwbert Road. Roads Policing officers are also aware of public concerns.

ASB Issues - Cardigan Town

  • Cardigan Town
    Wednesday, March 5, 2014
    Wed 10 Sep 2014

    To monitor and address antisocial behaviour issues in Cardigan Town to include placing emphasis on but not exclusively, underage drinking and the consumption of alcohol within the designated no drinking zone of the town.

    10/09/2014 - During the last 3 months officers have carried out 14 seizures of alcohol and officers will continue to take this action where required.

    14/07/2014 - Targeted patrols have been carried out in areas known to be an issue and this has led to one seizure of alcohol.

    16/04/2014 - High visibility patrols have been carries out in Cardigan town, and have resulted in 11 alcohol seizures in the past month.

Past Priorities

Wed, October 15, 2014

  • Dyfed Powys Police are asking residents to help in their fight against modern day slavery during a week of activity in October. Our officers will be out in communities speaking to residents, business owners, factory managers and people working at our ports about modern day slavery. They will be explaining what to look out for and how people can help us to stop this exploitation taking place.

    It is a hidden crime. It is difficult to detect but there are signs to look out for, they include; people who have limited family contact; distrust authority; have no friends; appear underfed, uncared for and withdrawn; are disorientated and avoid eye contact. It may be easier to spot houses where victims could be held as the curtains may always be closed or have a reflective coating on them, there may even be locks or bars on the windows, CCTV cameras installed, the letterbox sealed and restricted access to the front and back doors.

    Watch this film on modern slavery and find out about the signs to spot victims and how you can help www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv1H_fAoOG4&list=UU697e0rGEZK8tO-qmFN6kag

    You can report any suspicions to us by calling 101, or by calling the national helpline 0800 0121 700.

Inspector Paul Bonning

  • Paul Bonning

    Inspector Paul Bonning is based in Cardigan Police Station covering the Neighbourhood Policing Areas of Cardigan, Newcastle Emlyn, Fishguard and Crymych.  He has previously worked in the Metropolitan Police for 12 years before joining Dyfed Powys Police.  Since that time has been based at Pembroke Dock, Carmarthen, Lampeter and Aberystwyth Police Stations.  Although originally from Pembroke Dock he now lives with his family in Carmarthenshire.

Sergeant Alison Rees 843

  • PS Alison Rees

    Sergeant Alison Rees was born and brought up in Pembrokeshire. She joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 1986 and spent 8 years policing in Bristol before transferring "home" to Dyfed -Powys in 1994. On return to the area she was stationed at Cardigan Police Station, and has served there both as a PC and then Sergeant. In January 2007 she joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team, with responsibility for supervising the team in the Mid and South Ceredigion area.

PC Delme Jones 865

  • PC Delme Jones

    PC Delme Jones has been a Police Officer since 2008 and has predominantly worked as a uniform officer in the Cardigan area. Delme is originally from this area and has a good understanding of the locality. He wanted to join the Neighbourhood Policing Team  in order to become more involved in dealing with the issues that are important to the community.

PCSO Steffan Jones 8116

  • PCSO Steffan Jones

    PCSO Steffan Jones joined Dyfed-Powys Police in September 2012, and is a member of the Neighbourhood Policing Team for Cardigan Town. A fluent Welsh speaker, he is looking forward to engaging with the people of Cardigan and local groups, as well as liaising with partner agencies to tackle any relevant issues they may have.

    When asked about his role, PCSO Jones said: “The role of a PCSO is an exciting, challenging and evolving one. I am dedicated and proud to be working as part of a team that concentrates on addressing the issues and small minority of people that negatively affect the community of Cardigan.”

PCSO Sian Clarke 8150

  • PCSO Sian Clarke

    PCSO Sian Clarke joined the Cardigan Town Neighbourhood Policing Team in July 2013.  She has previously worked in various roles within Dyfed Powys Police and is already a familiar face in the Cardigan area.  Sian is looking forward to working with the community to make a positive difference to the people of the town in her new role as a PCSO.

Neighbourhood Meetings

  • A meeting for anyone who wishes to raise a community issue with their local Neighbourhood Policing Team. All welcome.

    Cardigan Police Station
    Tuesday 2 December, 7:00pm


  • A chance for you to meet your local Neighbourhood Policing Team and discuss any community issues that need their attention.

    Cafe at Tesco, Cardigan
    Wednesday 22 October, 2:00pm - 3:00pm