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Penparcau and Llanbadarn

Leisure Watch

  • Llanbadarn Fawr
    Wednesday, August 7, 2013
    Wed 20 Aug 2014

    The leisure watch scheme is being set up in order to identify any possible sex offenders or note down any suspicious behaviour at swimming pools. The local PCSO for that area will then check the forms on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

    28/05/2013 The following premises have agreed to participate in the Leisure Watch Scheme - Aberystwyth Holiday Village, Clarach Caravan Park, Brynrodyn Caravan Park, Penrhos (Llanrystud Golf Club).

    21/06/2013 Input given to staff at Plascrug Leisure centre on the 20th of June by Dc Jackie Wilson.

    14/07/2013 Posters arrived and to be distributed

    Regular visits are being made with staff at leisure facilities and any suspicious incident are being logged and investigated

    09/05/2014 Leisure Watch Training for staff from local leisure facilities.

Rogue traders

  • Penparcau and Llanbadarn
    Friday, May 24, 2013
    Fri 05 Sep 2014

    Penparcau and Llanbadarn are currently reciveing a high volume of calls regarding cold calling in the area.

    The vulnerable and elderly are being targeted by cold callers and rogue traders.


    Cold calling posters have been given out to shops and businesses in the area.

    Local housing associations have been provided with posters and will place them on their social network and websites

    Talks have been given to a number of social groups to raise awareness and more are planned.

    In conjunction with a local councillor some home visits have also been conducted.

    31/07/2013 Cold calling visits with Cllr Paul James
    24/07/2013 Cold calling visits with Cllr Gareth Davies
    27/06/2013 Cold calling visits with Cllr Lorrae Southgate-Jones
    23/05/2013 Cold calling talk given to the knit and chat group at the Neuadd Goffa in Penparcau.
    23/05/2013 Cold calling house visits with Cllr Lorrae Jones-Southgate,
    12/05/2013 Cold calling house visits in the Llwyn yr Eos estate, Penparcau with councillor Lorrae Southgate-Jones
    08/05/2013 Meeting held with Tai Cantref, Tai Ceredigion and Mid Wales Housing who will place a DPP cold calling posters up on their social network sites and their own websites.

    30/11/2013 Talk held with Stroke club, Penparcau regarding cold callers, and posters and stickers distributed. 01/06/2014 Parc Yr Onnen, Llanbadarn Fawr has become a Cold Calling Controlled Zone 04/08/2014 Brynrheidol and Maesmawr estates have now become Cold Calling Controlled Zone's 06/08/2014 A talk was delivered by Trading Standards to the 'Knit and 'Chat' Club in the Neuadd Goffa, Penparcau, in regards to Rogue Trading and various trending scams. August 2014 - Cae Caredig and Brynglas Road estates have now become Cold Calling Controlled Zones

Speeding initiative Penparcau and Llanbadarn Fawr.

  • Penparcau and Llanbadarn Fawr.
    Wednesday, August 7, 2013
    Fri 05 Sep 2014

    Penparcau NPT have received numerous complaints in regards to speeding on Penparcau Road and Llanbadarn road.


    Speed Initiatives were conducted on the 01/08/2013 on Penparcau Road.

    Speed initiative conducted on Llanbadarn Fawr road on 19/07/2013

    Speed initiative conducted Primrose Hill, Llanbadarn Fawr on 09/10/13

    Speed initiative conducted Penparcau Road 01/11/13

    28/02/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Penparcau Road

    19/03/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Penparcau Road with the assitance of year six pupils from Llwyn yr Eos School.

    21/03/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Penparcau Road with the assitance of year six pupils from Llwyn yr Eos School.

    09/04/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Llanbadarn Road

    24/06/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Primrose Hill

    30/06/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Penparcau Road

    22/08/2014 Speed initiative conducted in Llanbadarn Fawr

    23/08/2014 Speed initiative conducted on Penparcau Road

Past Priorities

Fri, September 05, 2014

  • As part of its commitment to community safety and engagement, Ceredigion neighbourhood Policing Team recently conducted a joint home security and fire safety campaign with the fire brigade.

    PCSO Harriet Bergmanski, PSCO Chris Tipper and Fire Officer Louis Hunt visited properties in and around the Penparcau area of Aberystwyth and gave security and safety advice to the residents.

    PCSO Harriet Bergmanski said

    “The aim of the visits from a policing point of view was to ensure the residents were taking good security measures at their property. Residents were also offered a property marking service.”

    Fire Officer Louis hunt said

    “The campaign presented a great opportunity to engage with our community, offering them our Free Home Fire Safety Check service which ensures residents have working smoke alarms and provides advice on safety in the home.”


Sergeant Jane Mortley 422

  • Sergeant Jane Mortley

    Sergeant Jane Mortley has worked in Aberystwyth as a PC and sergeant since 2000. She joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2012 with responsibility for supervising the North Ceredigion team. She is committed to ensuring the team provide a high level of service and tackle the issues which affect the local communities.

PC Helen Yelland 1182

  • PC Helen Yelland joined as a PC in 2006 and became the Neighbourhood Policing Officer for Penparcau and Llanbadarn in 2012. She has been brought up in Ceredigion and is Welsh speaking. She works along side PSCO Harriet Bergmanski and PCSO James Crabb.

PC Matthew Richards 1010

  • PC Matthew Richards

    PC Matthew Richards has been a police officer since March 2006, when he moved to the area from South Wales. Having worked Aberystwyth beat for 7 years he has recently joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team for Aberystwyth.

PCSO Harriet Bergmanski 8107

  • PCSO Harriet Bergmanski is local to the Aberystwyth area having been schooled at Ysgol Gymraeg and Ysgol Penweddig. She joined as a PCSO in July 2012. Harriet works alongside PC Helen Yelland and PCSO James Crabb, covering Penparcau and Llanbadarn Fawr.


  • Each Monday morning at 10am a local PCSO will be conducting a surgery in the local post office where any issues or concerns they can be raised.

    Penparcau Post Office
    Monday 6 October, 10:00am - Monday 14 September, 10:00am
  • Each Thursday morning a local PCSO will be conducting a surgery in the Penparcau Community Forum office where any issues or concerns can be raised.

    Penparcau Community Forum
    Thursday 2 October, 10:00am
  • Coleg Ceredigion
    Wednesday 8 October, 12:30pm