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  • Thursday, July 31, 2014
    Fri 04 Jul 2014


    Community engagement activities :-

    1) To provide a visible policing presence by carrying out designated Foot and mobile patrols in villages on area

    2) To maintain and develop community contacts

    3) To attend all Community / Town Council meetings on NP area

    4) To visit and have regular contact with all Primary Schools and the one secondary school  in the Tregaron NP area

    5) To attend as many Community activities as possible on the NP area.

    6) To carry out regular visits to all Licensed premises on the NPT area

Tregaron NPT Area

  • Sunday, August 31, 2014
    Fri 04 Jul 2014


    1) The NPT area continues to be one on which there is very low crime and also in general very low ASB

    2) However in relation to ASB there are 6 ASBIS records open which are spread across the NPT area (3 Neighbour disputes; 1 Personal -Mental Health; 2 Community based). Of  these 2 ASBIS Records are Stable with 4 records been Active

Mon, October 06, 2014

  • During the Halloween and Bonfire celebrations, officers are increasing in their communities to reassure people and to enable us to react quickly to anyone who uses Halloween or bonfire night as an excuse to commit anti-social behaviour.

    Some of our residents do worry when trick or treaters knock the door. While we do not want to spoil people’s enjoyment, we also don’t want it to get out of hand and cause people to feel threatened in their own home.

    Trick or treating advice includes:
    •             Always go with an adult
    •             Only to go to houses where you or your friends know the people and know you are welcome
    •             Only go to houses displaying the ‘trick or treaters’ welcome poster
    •             Don’t talk to strangers
    •             Don’t enter the house always stay on the doorstep

Inspector Mike Melly

  • Insp Melly

    I have been a Police Officer for over 20 years, working in all the towns in Carmarthenshire at one point or another. I was promoted to Police Inspector about a year ago and have been promoted to Ceredigion . I enjoy this role and what a great area to serve. The challenges of Ceredigion are similar to other divisions and will be tackled professionally with dedication. I will work hard with my team of excellent officers to deal with local issues in line with the Force Strategy.

Sergeant Delme Rees 515

  • The Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant for the mid-section of Ceredigion is PS 515 Delme Rees. Having previously performed the same role in the Aberystwyth area, he is now looking forward to tackling the issues in his local community by being accessible and fully supporting his officers to deliver on identified community priorities.

PCSO John Evans 8133

  • PCSO John Evans

    PCSO John Evans worked as a Police Officer for Dyfed Powys Police for 30 years, the majority of that service being in Ceredigion in various operational roles. During the early part of his service he worked as Local Beat Officer / Manager at various stations in the County.
    He is looking forward to utilising these skills in his role as PCSO for Tregaron to deal with local issues and develop links with the community.
    John is originally from New Quay and his interests include sport and sailing.

Neighbourhood Meetings

  • Presently  Police surgeries are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the following locations / times:-

    1) Tregaron Secondary School      1515 -1545

    2) Llangeitho Shop / Café              1600 -1630

    3) Llanddewi Brefi  Square             1645 -1715

    4) Tregaron Memorial Hall              1730 -1800

    5) Pontrhydfendigaid Shop             1815 -1845

    Tregaron Secondary School