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    Wednesday, October 15, 2014
    Wed 15 Oct 2014

    Dyfed Powys Police are asking residents to help in their fight against modern day slavery during a week of activity in October. Our officers will be out in communities speaking to residents, business owners, factory managers and people working at our ports about modern day slavery. They will be explaining what to look out for and how people can help us to stop this exploitation taking place.

    It is a hidden crime. It is difficult to detect but there are signs to look out for, they include; people who have limited family contact; distrust authority; have no friends; appear underfed, uncared for and withdrawn; are disorientated and avoid eye contact. It may be easier to spot houses where victims could be held as the curtains may always be closed or have a reflective coating on them, there may even be locks or bars on the windows, CCTV cameras installed, the letterbox sealed and restricted access to the front and back doors.

    Watch film on modern slavery and find out about the signs to spot victims and how you can help www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv1H_fAoOG4&list=UU697e0rGEZK8tO-qmFN6kag

    You can report any suspicions to us by calling 101, or by calling the national helpline 0800 0121 700.


    Wednesday, October 15, 2014
    Wed 15 Oct 2014

    During the Halloween and Bonfire celebrations, officers are increasing in their communities to reassure people and to enable us to react quickly to anyone who uses Halloween or bonfire night as an excuse to commit anti-social behaviour.

    Some of our residents do worry when trick or treaters knock the door. While we do not want to spoil people’s enjoyment, we also don’t want it to get out of hand and cause people to feel threatened in their own home.

    Trick or treating advice includes:
    • Always go with an adult
    • Only to go to houses where you or your friends know the people and know you are welcome
    • Only go to houses displaying the ‘trick or treaters’ welcome poster
    • Don’t talk to strangers
    •Don’t enter the house always stay on the doorstep

Past Priorities

Fri, October 17, 2014

Sergeant Jonathan Rees 983

  • As Supervisor of the Neighbourhood and Rural Policing Team, Sergeant Jonathan Rees is responsible for implementing and delivering ‘Community Policing’ throughout Montgomeryshire. Drawing on thirteen years of Police service within CID, Drug and Vehicle Crime Targeting Teams, Intelligence and Surveillance, Jonathan is eager to utilise his experience in seeking resolution to the variety of community Issues that arise.

PC Steve Greenwood 662

  • Newtown town beat manager P.C.662 Greenwood  joined the Neighbourhood policing team in July  2010 following a seven year attachment to the training Department within Powys P.C. Greenwood has been in Powys since 1996 and is a well known face to the general public around Newtown. P. C. Greenwood enjoys engaging with multi agencies to problem solve and thoroughly thrives on the challenges that Neighbourhood policing can bring.


PCSO Graham Jennings 8007

  • As a Police Community Support Officer within Newtown, Graham has the additional responsibility as Community contact for Treowen, Garthowen, Maesyrhandir and Mochdre. As a local community member, Graham has forged vital links with partnership agencies and organisations with the aim of delivering solutions to local issues.

PCSO Geraldine Jones 8144

  • PCSO Geraldine Jones joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in October 2012 for Newtown Town.

    Geraldine is local to the area and has worked for Dyfed Powys Police for over 20 years.

    She enjoys interacting with the public, problem solving and team work.

PCSO Aileen Stewart 8105

  • PCSO 8105 Aileen Stewart joined the Newtown Neighbourhood Policing Team in July 2012 and works within the town section.

    Aileen is local to Newtown having grown up in the town and attending school locally.

    Aileen enjoys working within the local community and solving problems.

PCSO David Wilkinson 8143

  • Dave Wilkinson joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team based at Newtown police station in the role of PCSO in October 2012. Dave has lived in Newtown for most of his life and attended school there. Dave has had a varied working life prior to joining DPP and has a number of skills to draw upon in his current role. Dave is looking forward to working with the public on a daily basis and dealing with any issues that arise.


  • The Park, Newtown
    Monday 3 November, 2:00pm