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Update on search activity

As the search for April Jones continues in and around Machynlleth, the team’s motivation and commitment remains high.

Superintendent Ian John said, “I have spent time today speaking with the various search teams and one thing that shone through was their on-going commitment to find April and their motivation. We have to make people take time off to rest between their allocated shifts.

“The Coastguard is searching the river from Borth to Towyn every day and the underwater search teams are at the estuary daily. We are all working through a detailed search plan.

“When we moved from a search for a missing person to a search for evidence we rechecked several areas, this is standard practice in police searching as the areas needed to be systematically and forensically searched.

“April’s parents visited the base of the search teams yesterday and met some of the people who are involved in the search for their daughter. They are extremely grateful for all of the work that is being undertaken.

“Although volunteers are no longer able to assist us with the search, they are providing a catering service for search teams, which is very gratefully received. Their desire to stay involved and do what they can to help is a credit to the community and neighbouring areas. They are contributing to the operation in whatever way they can. This includes donating a variety of items from their time to prepare and serve food to providing gloves and batteries.

“One thing is clear; we will continue to search while we still have viable lines of enquiry.”