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Police and partners issue advice following thefts of gas canisters

A series of thefts of gas canisters and heating oil from the Mid Wales area has led the Powys Community Safety Partnership to issue guidance and safe storage advice.

Propane gas is the main household heating gas and is currently in high demand due to the winter weather and also because of high scrap metal values associated with containers.

Heating oil is similarly in demand.

Both gas canisters and oil tanks are normally stored with little security attached to them and they can be an attractive target for criminals.

“We are advising people with these types of heating fuel, to consider taking some simple steps to help us try and address this issue,” said Sergeant Kelvin Briggs. “For example, if householders use a good quality  padlock and chain to affix canisters to something solid, this will help make the canisters difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

“Similarly heating oil tanks can be protected by fitting a similar high quality padlock to filler caps.

“A longer term idea is to consider erecting trellis-style fencing with a lockable door around the canisters or tank, and growing plants that produce thorny foliage against the grille to deter anyone interfering with your fuel. Specialist storage units can also be used.”

“If you have outside security lighting, then please ensure that the system works and that the light sensors have been adjusted correctly to detect movement”

Police Sergeant Jo Jones, part of the Arson Reduction Team at Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said, “We would also just like to remind people to follow Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advice and guidance (www.hse.gov.uk/cdg/pdf/safusgc.pdf) with regards to the safe storage of cylinders and also to remind people to keep cylinders locked and out of sight of passersby to reduce the risk of cylinders being targeted and stolen.”

The CSP would like to reassure the Public that Powys remains one of the safest places to live in the UK and it’s with your support that helps us keep it that way.