Firearms Licensing

It is - with certain statutory exception - an offence to possess, purchase or acquire any firearm or ammunition to which Section 1 of the Firearms Act 1968 applies without holding a firearm certificate. The certificate will show the firearms and ammunition which the holder may have in his or her possession, purchase or acquire. If you are applying to hold a weapon other than a rifle, muzzle loading pistol or shot gun with a large magazine, you should contact your local police firearms licensing department for advice.

What do you want to apply for?

Please note: the application form for a Shotgun and Firearm Certificate has been revised by the Home Office and Form 201 now covers both firearm / shotgun grant and renewal applications. Please ensure that you read Form 201A (Notes) which will explain how to complete the new application.

Before you begin...

Read this document which contains guidance notes for completing the firearms form.  If you do not read the instructions carefully, your licence may not be granted due to lack of information.

Application for the Grant / Renewal / Variation  of a Firearm Certificate

Fill in the appropriate form below and return to us if you applying for a new firearms certificate, renewing an existing certificate, or applying for a variation to your certificate.  If you are using your firearm for target shooting or on land, you must complete a specific use form (below) as well.

Specific Firearms Uses (Target Shooting & On Land)

Depending on how and when you plan to use your firearm, you may need to complete one of these forms with your application.  Please read the guidance notes carefully to determine whether you need one of these forms for your application as well.  If you are not sure, contact the firearms department.

Do not wish to renew a Firearms Certificate

If you do not wish to renew your firearms certificate, you must ensure that you surrender or transfer your firearm to an authorised person before the expiration of your certificate, and that you complete and send to us the form below.

Application and Renewal of a Shotgun Certificate

Complete this form if you are applying for a new shotgun certificate or renewing an existing one.  In order to make sure you continue to comply with firearms legislation, we advise that you do this before you existing certificate expires.

Not Renewing your Shotgun Certificate

If you do not wish to renew your shotgun certificate, this form needs to be completed and returned to us.

You must also ensure that your shotgun has been surrendered or transferred to an authorised person before the expiration date on your certificate.  For transfers, please make sure you also fill in the form below - "Transfer of Shotgun".

Transfer of a Shotgun (if you have bought or sold your shotgun)

This form must be completed and delivered to us within 7 days of the sale/purchase of your shotgun.

The Firearms Licensing Department is in a position to provide advice and guidance on Explosives Licensing matters. The department can be contacted via 101 within the Dyfed-Powys police area, outside of this area on 01267 222020. In addition to this, each division within the force has a dedicated Explosives Liaison Officer, who is also in a position to provide advice on explosive licensing matters.

If you require details of your local Explosives Liaison Officer please contact the Firearms Licensing Department for their contact details.

Further Information

Service Fee
Grant of Shotgun Certificate £50
Grant of Firearms Certificate £50
Renewal of Shotgun Certificate £40
Renewal of a Firearm Certificate £40
Co-terminous Grant of Firearm & Shotgun Certificate £60
Co-terminous renewal of a Firearm & Shotgun Certificate £50
Variation of a Firearm Certificate £26
Replacement Shotgun Certificate £8
Replacement Firearm Certificate £9
Grant and Renewal of an Application to become a Registered Firearms Dealer £150

Cheques should now be made payable to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys Police.

Grants and renewals take approximately twelve to fifteen weeks to process.

If you are already the holder of a certificate and your personal circumstances change – please contact the department in writing to update your details, giving details of your new address and telephone number. Retain your certificate in order that you may purchase ammunition, your certificate will be requested either by the Firearms Enquiry Officer – or by the department when your new certificate is ready.

Contact Details

Firearms Licensing
Dyfed-Powys Police
Police Headquarters
PO Box 99
SA31 2PF

Telephone: 01267 226499
Fax: 01267 226488