In this section:

1. What is an abnormal load?
2. When and who you need to notify
3. How to notify
4. Other information


Abnormal loads 3.8 metres wide or more are not allowed through Laugharne.


A dispensation is a permission for an abnormal load to travel without having to notify us each time.

You can apply for an annual dispensation:

  • if your load is under 3.5m wide and all other dimensions and weight are within C&U regulations
  • for agricultural machinery over 2.9m and under 3.5m wide
  • for agricultural machinery up to 4.3m wide, for travel within a 25-mile radius of their base without having to be transported on a trailer

Dispensations are issued on an annual (January to December) basis and you must apply for or renew them before the end of the year.

Please use our dispensation enquiry form to ask about dispensations.


Police escorts

You will need a police escort if your load is more than:

  • 150 tonnes
  • 4.72 meters wide
  • 30 meters rigid length

You must give us at least 8 days' notice.