How much does a firearm certificate cost? Below we’ve listed all the different fees, whether you’re applying for a new firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate, or renewing or varying an existing one. Here you’ll also find information for firearms dealers and visitors to the UK.

Firearm and shotgun certificates

A firearm or shotgun certificate is valid for five years.

Certificate type



Firearm certificate Grant £88
  Renew £62
  Vary (add firearms)  £20
  Replacement certificate £4
Shotgun certificate Grant £79.50
  Renew £49
  Replacement certificate £4

Coterminous certificates

A coterminous certificate is when we issue both a firearm and shotgun certificate at the same time. Processing these together reduces our administration costs, so we’re able to offer coterminous certificates at a reduced fee.

Action + Certificate
Action Fee
Firearm certificate Grant Shotgun certificate Grant £90
Firearm certificate Grant Shotgun certificate Renew £90
Firearm certificate Renew Shotgun certificate Grant £90
Firearm certificate Renew Shotgun certificate Renew £65

Explosives certificates

The table below applies to any weight of explosives up to 15kg.

Certificate type Action Fee Valid for
Acquire only Grant Free 5 yrs
Acquire and keep Grant Free 5 yrs

To acquire, or acquire and keep, between 15kg and 2000kg of explosives, fees may apply. Find out more at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

If you’re planning to acquire and keep more than 2000kg please apply for a certificate from the HSE.

Visitor's permits

Certificate type People Fee
Visitor’s permit 1–5 £20 per person
Group visitor’s permit 6–20 £100 in total

Club approval

Certificate type Club type Fee
Firearm certificate Home Office approved Free

Firearm dealers

Certificate type Fee Valid for
Initial firearm dealer registration £200 3 yrs
Firearm dealer re-registration £200 3 yrs
Game Fair etc. if main place of business is in another force area £13   

If you are a registered firearms dealer (RFD) applying for an additional premises or temporary permit please contact us here.