• ABC 
    Activity Based Costing. A new costing approach for police forces upon which future decisions will be based.
  • ABH 
    Actual Bodily Harm
  • ABI 
    Association of British Insurers
  • ACC 
    Assistant Chief Constable
  • ACPC 
    Area Child Protection Committee
  • ACPO 
    Association of Chief Police Officers (Chief Constable''s Department)
    Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing Committee
  • ACSO 
    Accredited Community Safety Organisations introduced under the 2002 Police Reform Act.
  • ACV 
    Armed Crime Vehicle
  • ADAS 
    Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
  • AEA 
    Approved Enforcement Agency
  • AEAC 
    Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
  • AFO 
    Authorised Firearms Officer
  • AFR 
    Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
  • AIO 
    Accident Investigation Officer
  • AL 
    Annual Leave (Time off for holidays etc)
  • ANPR 
    Automatic Number Plate Reader
  • APA 
    Association of Police Authorities
  • APC 
    Accelerated Promotion Course (Police Officers)
  • APS 
    Acting Police Sergeant or Accelerated Promotion Scheme
  • APSG 
    Accelerated Promotion Scheme for Graduates (Police Officers)
  • ARCH 
    Act Against Racism and Combat Homophobia
  • ARV 
    Armed Response Vehicle
  • ASBO 
    Anti Social Behaviour Order
  • ASP 
    Police Baton
  • ASU 
    Air Support Unit (Also known as HSU)
  • AVC 
    Additional Voluntary Contribution (To Increase Pension)
  • AWOL 
    Absent Without Leave
  • BAPCO 
    British Association of Public Safety Communication Officers
  • BCU 
    Basic Command Unit
  • Beacon Project 
    Computerized system used in Dyfed Powys for dealing with missing person enquiries
  • BEM 
    British Empire Medal
  • BH 
    Bank Holiday
  • BNFL 
    British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
  • BPA 
    Black Police Officers Association
  • Bronze Command 
    Term used to describe Police Officer/Team involved with a major incident or operation and used to implement the tactics planned by Silver Command. Usually located at the scene of the incident to direct operations on the ground
  • BTP 
    British Transport Police
  • BV 
    Best Value
  • BVPB 
    Best Value Project Board
  • BVPI 
    Best Value Performance Indicators. Nationally Collected measures set and revised annually by Home Office.
  • BVSG 
    Best Value Steering Group
  • C & RR 
    Community and Race Relations
  • CAA 
    Civil Aviation Authority
  • CASU 
    Central Administration Support Unit
  • Casualty Bureau 
    Team of Support Staff who deal with enquiries from members of the public following a major accident or incident e.g. plane crash
  • CBT 
    Computer Based Training
  • CC 
    Chief Constable
  • CEO 
    Civilian Enforcement Officer
  • CFF 
    Crime Fighting Fund
  • CHIS 
    Covert Human Intelligence Source (Informants)
  • CID 
    Criminal Investigation Department
  • CIS 
    Criminal Intelligence System
  • CJD 
    Criminal Justice Department
  • CJS 
    Criminal Justice System
  • CMP 
    Communications Management Project (New Radio System)
  • Communications Centre 
    The first point of contact for any incoming national telephone calls
  • Communications Centre Agent 
    Person responsible for reception and progress of incoming telephone calls provides help, advice and transfer of calls.
  • Community Safety Groups 
    Established under the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act, bringing together all partners in local authority areas to promote and improve community safety.
  • COSHH 
    Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • CPS 
    Crown Prosecution Service
  • CRE 
    Commission for Racial Equality
  • CS 
    Aerosol Incapacitant Spray used by Police Officers for self defence purposes when attacked or when attempting to arrest violent offenders
  • CSO 
    Crime Support Officer/Community Support Officers, introduced under the 2002 Police Reform Act to support the work of police officers.
  • Custody Operator 
    The private companies providing court escort and custody services
  • D&D 
    Drunk and Disorderly
  • DAFS 
    Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland.
  • Daily State 
    Daily report to Headquarters from Divisions/Stations regarding incidents which have occurred in the previous 24 hours.
  • DC 
    Detective Constable
  • DCC 
    Deputy Chief Constable
  • DCI 
    Detective Chief Inspector
  • DCS 
    Detective Chief Superintendent
  • DDA 
    Disability Discrimination Act
  • DEFRA 
    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Delphi 
    Computerised system used in Dyfed Powys for Payroll, Sickness Absence, Personnel and Training records etc
  • DETR 
    Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Development Fund Lottery 
    Lottery run within Dyfed-Powys Police for staff and retired staff.
  • DFA 
    Director of Finance and Administration
  • DHQ 
    Divisional Headquarters (Four in the force)
  • DI 
    Detective Inspector
  • DIC 
    Drunk In Charge
  • DNA 
    Deoxyribonucleic Acid - Genetic process of identification which can be yielded via blood, tissue or other bodily fluids. Apart from identical twins who share the same DNA, the chances of two unrelated individuals having the same DNA is one in one thousand million.
  • DPP 
    Dyfed-Powys Police or Director of Public Prosecutions
  • DS 
    Detective Sergeant
  • DSS 
    Department of Social Security
  • DSU 
    Divisional Support Unit. Units where case files are prepared prior to submission to the Crown Prosecution Service.
  • DTLR 
    Department of Transport, Local Government and the regions
  • DTO 
    Divisional Training Officer
  • DTU 
    Driver Training Unit
  • FAI 
    Force Audit and Inspection
  • FBI 
    Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • FBO 
    Football Banning Order
  • FBOA 
    Football Banning Order Authority
  • FCO 
    Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • FCP 
    Forward Command Post
  • FEO 
    Firearms Enquiry Officer
  • FIB 
    Force Intelligence Bureau
  • FIO 
    Force Intelligence Officer
  • FIU 
    Financial Investigation Unit
  • FLO 
    Family Liaison Officer (Police Officer/s trained to provide support to families of murder/sudden death, rape victims, missing persons etc)
  • FMA 
    Force Medical Officer
  • FOI 
    Freedom of Information
  • Force Communications Centre 
    A centre that will take all non- emergency calls from members of the public from the summer of 2004. Building began in March 2003
  • FP 
    Fixed Penalty (Ticket issued to motorists for speeding or parking offences etc)
  • FPU 
    Family Protection Unit (Divisional units which deal with sexual offences, child abuse, domestic violence etc)
  • FSS 
    Forensic Science Service
  • FSSL 
    Forensic Science Service Laboratory
  • GBH 
    Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Gold Command 
    Term used to describe Senior Officer/Team identified to decide on the overall strategy when dealing with a major incident or operation. Usually located at or near Headquarters Operations Room and generally involving rank of Deputy Chief Constable/Chief Superintendent.
  • GSM 
    Global Systems for Mobile Digital Telephones
  • GTPS 
    Government Telephone Preference Scheme
    Term used to describe a road accident involving a vehicle laden with chemicals, petrol or other dangerous substances. Guidance and procedures for dealing with such accidents are held in Operations Room and Divisional Control Rooms
  • HGV 
    Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • HMCE 
    Her Majesty's Customs and Excis
  • HMCG 
    Her Majesty's Coastguard
  • HMI 
    Her Majesty's Inspector
  • HMIC 
    Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabularies
  • HMP 
    Her Majesty's Prison
  • HMSO 
    Her Majesty's Stationary Office
  • HO 
    Home Office
  • HOC 
    Home Office Circular
  • HOD 
    Head of Department
    Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (Computerised)
  • HORT/1 
    Slip issued by Police Officers to motorists requesting them to provide driving documents at a Police Station
  • HORT/2 
    Form used at Police Station when driving documents produced
  • Hostage Negotiator 
    Police Officer trained to negotiate with a person or persons holding a hostage or hostages in a siege situation
  • HQ 
  • HRA 
    Human Rights Act
  • HSE 
    Health and Safety Executive
  • HSU 
    Helicopter Support Unit (Also known as ASU)
  • ICPO 
    International Criminal Police Organisation
  • ID Parade 
    Identity Parade - Process whereby witnesses are asked to look at a line of people to try to identify the person seen committing a crime.
  • IED 
    Improvised Explosive Device (e.g. Parcel bomb)
  • IIMAC 
    System used for operational planning (I- Information, I- Intention, M- Method, A- Administration, C- Communications)
  • IIP 
    Investors in People
  • IMDG 
    International Maritime Dangerous Goods
  • IND 
    Immigration and Nationality Directorate
  • Index Number 
    Vehicle Registration Mark
  • Insp 
  • Intoxilyser 
    Machine used in Police Station to measure amount of alcohol in the breath of motorists arrested for a drink/driving offence.
  • Intranet 
    Internal computer network system operating in Dyfed Powys Police
  • Investors in People 
    A nationally recognised standard in relation to people management and development
  • IOSH 
    Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
  • IP 
    Injured Person or Victim
  • IPA 
    International Police Association
  • IPTF 
    International Police Task Force
  • IRR 
    Ionising Radiation Regulations
  • IS&T 
    Information Systems and Technology (Communications/Computers)
  • IT 
    Information Technology
  • JBB 
    Joint Branch Board (Police Federation)
  • JCC 
    Joint Consultative Committee
  • JCE 
    Justices' Chief Executive
  • JD 
    Job Description
  • JE 
    Job Evaluation
  • JIG 
    Joint Investigation Group
  • JP 
    Justice of the Peace
  • Kwik Cuff 
    Type of handcuff used in the Force
  • LAGPA 
    Lesbian and Gay Police Association
  • Lay Visitor 
    Member of the public nominated to visit Police Station Custody area to check on issues relating to treatment of prisoners etc
  • LBO 
    Local Beat Officer
  • LCS 
    Local Crime System
  • LFM 
    Local Financial Management
  • LGMB 
    Local Government Management Board
  • LGV 
    Light Goods Vehicle
  • LIO 
    Local Intelligence Officer
  • Local Problem Solving Groups 
    Groups run on divisions involving various partner organisations aimed at delivering joint solutions to specific local problems.
  • MAFF 
    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
  • MAIB 
    Marine Accident Investigation Branch
  • MAPP 
    Multi-Agency Public Protection Panels
  • MBP 
    Media Briefing Point
  • MCA 
    Magistrates Court Act
  • MCA 
    Maritime & Coastguard Agency
  • MCC 
    Magistrates' Courts Committee
  • MDP 
    Ministry of Defence Police
  • MET 
    Metropolitan Police
  • METL 
    Minimum Effective Training Level
  • MICR 
    Major Incident Control Room
  • MIR 
    Major Incident Response
    Missing Person
  • MIU 
    Management Information Unit - A central point providing all the Force's management information to aid decision making.
  • MO 
    Modus Operandai (Method used by criminal to commit crime)
  • MOD 
    Ministry of Defence
  • MOPI 
    Management of Police Information
  • MOWP 
    Making Off Without Payment
  • MPO 
    Mobile Patrol Officer (Traffic)
  • Mutual Aid 
    Help given by Dyfed-Powys Police to other Police Forces and vice versa in the case of major incidents/operations
  • NACRO 
    National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
  • NAFIS 
    National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
  • NAIR 
    National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
  • Narey Courts 
    A court system aimed at 'fast tracking' the criminal justice process and introduced following a review by Justice Narey.
  • Narrowing the Justice Gap 
    National report aiming at looking at how the number of offenders brought to justice can be increased.
  • National Crime Recording Standard 
    A new method of collating crime statistics, aimed at providing a more victim oriented approach and adopted by all forces in England and Wales from April 1st 2002.
  • National Crime Recording Standard 
    A national model aimed at improving the way intelligence is used on a Force and divisional basis that must be introduced by April 2004.
  • National Management Information System 
    A consistent system for analysing management information that is being adopted by most forces in England and Wales
  • National Policing Plan 
    Published by the Home Secretary and setting out all national objectives, targets and indicators in one document.
  • NCF 
    National Competency Framework
  • NCIS 
    National Criminal Intelligence Service
  • NCS 
    National Crime Squad
  • NEBSM 
    National Examination Board for Supervisory Management
  • NFA 
    National Framework Agreement / No Fixed Abode / No Further Action
  • NFIU 
    National Football Intelligence Unit
  • NHSTD 
    National Health Service Training Directorate
  • NIHHS 
    Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances
  • NIREP 
    Nuclear Industry Road Emergency Plan
  • NOS 
    National Occupational Standards
  • NPT 
    National Police Training / Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • NRPB 
    National Radiological Protection Board
  • NSPCC 
    National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • NSPIS 
    National Security Police Information System
  • NSY 
    New Scotland Yard
  • NTO 
    National Training Organisation
  • OCD 
    Officer in Charge of Division
  • OIC 
    Officer in Case
  • Operation Tarian 
    Operation supported by Home Office and the Welsh Assembly Government, drawing together the three south Wales forces to stem the flow of class A drugs into the area.
  • Ops Room 
    Operations Room at Headquarters (Also known as Force Control Room)
  • OSPRE 
    Name given to examination sat by Police Constables and Sergeants to attain qualification for promotion to the next rank.
  • P & DS 
    Personnel and Development Services
  • PA 
    Police Authority / Public Address System
  • PAA 
    Police Athletic Association
  • PACE 
    Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
  • PC 
    Police Constable / Personal Computer
  • PCA 
    Police Complaints Authority
  • PCV 
    Passenger Carrying Vehicle
  • PDP 
    Personal Development Portfolio
  • PDRS 
    Personal Development and Review System. Appraisal scheme for all staff in the Force to aid development and assess training needs.
  • PEACE 
    Model used during investigative interviewing of crime suspects and witnesses.
  • PECS 
    Prisoner Escort and Custody Services
  • PED 
    Police Elimination Database (DNA)
  • PER 
    Prisoner Escort Record Form
  • PF 
    Police Foundation
  • PFI 
    Private Finance Initiative
  • PI 
    Performance Indicator
  • PILON 
    Payment in Lieu of Notice
  • PIRT 
    Police Initial Recruitment Test
  • PITO 
    Police Information Technology Organisation
  • PLDB 
    Police Leadership Development Board
  • PM 
    Post Mortem
  • PMAS 
    Police Mutual Assurance Society
  • PNB 
    Police Negotiating Board (Police Federation)
  • PNC 
    Police National Computer
  • PNLD 
    Police National Legal Database
  • PO 
    Public Order or Principal Officer (Support Staff)
  • POLAC 
    Police Accident
  • Police Federation 
    Staff Association for Police Officers
  • Police Reform Act 
    Published in November 2002 and seeking to modernise the delivery of police services in England and Wales.
  • POLSA 
    Police Search Advisor
  • POLSA 
    Police Search Adviser
  • POP 
    Problem Orientated Policing
  • POT 
    Prevention of Terrorism
  • PRG 
    Police Research Group
  • PRO 
    Press Relations Officer
  • PS 
    Police Sergeant
  • PSRCS 
    Public Safety Radio Communications Service
  • PSSC 
    Police Support Staff Council
  • PSSO 
    Police Skills and Standards Organisation
  • PSU 
    Police Support Unit (Teams of Police Officers called out to deal with major incidents/operations. Can also be used to provide mutual aid to other Police Forces).
  • PSV 
    Public Service Vehicle
  • PTC 
    Police Training Centre
  • PTSS 
    Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Public Protection Units 
    Specific units being established by the Force to cater for the most vulnerable people in our society including children, victims of domestic violence and vulnerable adults.
  • Q of S 
    Quality of Service
  • QAS 
    Quick Address Search
  • QC 
    Queen's Council
  • QGM 
    Queen's Gallantry Medal
  • QPM 
    Queen's Police Medal
  • QPM 
    Quality and Performance Management
  • RAF 
    Royal Air Force
  • RAG 
    Resource Advisory Group
    Radio Amateurs' Network
  • RBO 
    Rural Beat Officer
  • RBTF 
    Reducing Bureaucracy Taskforce. A group led by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary which looked at reducing the amount of time police officers spend in stations and on paperwork.
  • RCC 
    Rescue Co-ordination Centre
  • RCS 
    Regional Crime Squad
  • Reconciliation Process 
    Process used in Dyfed-Powys Police to resolve grievances taken out by Police Officers/Support Staff against colleagues/managers
  • RID 
    International regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by rail
    Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
    Radioactive monitoring network system
  • RIPA 
    Regulation of Investigatory Practices Act
  • ROC 
    Reintegration of Offenders into the Community
  • ROSH 
    Risk of Serious Harm
  • ROSPA 
    Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  • RPU 
    Roads Policing Unit
  • RSPB 
    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • RSPCA 
    Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • RT 
    Radio Transmission
  • RTA 
    Road Traffic Accident
  • RTC 
    Road Traffic Collision
  • RUC 
    Royal Ulster Constabulary
  • RV Point 
    Rendezvous Point
  • SAR 
    Search and Rescue
  • SAYE 
    Save As You Earn
  • SB 
    Special Branch
  • SC 
    Special Constable
  • SD 
    Sudden Death
  • SDO 
    Station Duty Officer / Sub Divisional Officer
  • SGLR 
    Senior Government Liaison Representative
  • Sgt 
  • SI 
    Statutory Instrument (Relates to Act of Parliament)
  • Silver Command 
    Term used to describe Police Officer/team identified to plan the tactics to be used when dealing with a major incident or operation, in line with overall strategy decided by Gold Command. Usually located near the scene of the incident and generally of the rank of Inspector or above.
  • SIO 
    Senior Investigating Officer
    Situation report
  • SLA 
    Service Level Agreement
  • SLP 
    Self Loading Pistol
  • SMART 
    Model used for Action/Strategy Planning. (S=Specific, M=Measurable, A=Achievable, R=Realistic, T=Timescales)
  • SOAP 
    Serving Officer Assistance Package - a software application which contains details of an officer's duty rota, tasks etc.
  • SOCO 
    Scenes of Crime Officer
  • SOP 
    Standard Operating Procedures
  • Special Priority Payments 
    New payments for police officers introduced under the Police Reform Act, aimed at rewarding those officers with particularly demanding front line duties.
  • Speed Safety Camera Partnerships 
    Joint initiatives with local authorities aimed at reducing numbers of accidents by reducing speed. Monies received through the scheme which are over and above costs incurred, must be returned to the Treasury.
  • SPOC 
    Single Point of Contact
  • SS 
    Support Staff
  • SSU 
    Scientific Support Unit
  • Statement of Common Purpose 
    Declaration signed by Police Officers on joining Police Service
  • Stinger 
    Flexible frame of sharp hollow metal spikes which can be thrown across road to stop a vehicle which is being pursued by a Police patrol car.
  • Stop/Check 
    Process of stopping motor vehicles to check for driving or criminal offences, including drugs, stolen property, vehicle defects, driving documents etc.
  • STORM 
    System Tasking Operational Resource Management (Force computerised Command and Control System)
  • Subsistence 
    Expenses/Allowances paid to Police Officers/Support Staff when undertaking duties/training other than their normal day to day work.
  • Superintendents' Association 
    Staff Association for Superintendents/Chief Superintendents
  • Supt 
  • Tactical Advisor 
    Trained Firearms Officer who provides advice/guidance to Police Officer of Inspector rank or above on the tactics to be used during a firearms incident.
  • TDA 
    Take and Drive Away
  • TDO 
    Training Development Officer
  • Threshold Payments 
    A competency based payment, brought in under the Police Reform Act, that is only available to police officers currently at the top of their scale and meet agreed criteria.
  • TIC 
    Taken Into Consideration
  • TNA 
    Training Needs Analysis
  • TPAC 
    Tactical Pursuit and Containment (Method used to safely stop an offending vehicle which is being pursued by a police patrol car)
  • Tracker 
    Stolen Vehicle Tracking and recovery System
  • TSU 
    Technical Support Unit (Part of Scientific Support Unit).
  • TUMV 
    Theft from Unattended Motor Vehicle
  • TWOC 
    Taking Vehicle Without Owner's Consent
  • UDT 
    Unarmed Defensive Tactics (Used by Police Officers in Self Defence
  • UEO 
    Unit Executive Officer (Person in charge of Helicopter Support Unit)
  • UHF 
    Ultra High Frequency
    Trade Union for Police Staff Members
    Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder
  • VDRS 
    Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme. (System whereby motorists are issued with a ticket giving them the alternative of having a vehicle defect repaired instead of receiving a penalty)
  • VDU 
    Visual Display Unit (Computer Screen)
  • VEL 
    Vehicle Excise Licence (Car Tax)
  • Vetting 
    Extensive security checks carried out on a limited number of Police Officers or Police Staff who are involved in sensitive roles within the Police Service.
  • VFG's 
    Virtual Focus Groups. An approach to consulting with the public using Internet and e-mail technology.
  • Victim Support 
    Voluntary help and advice given to victims of crime etc, by nominated and trained members of the public
  • VMU 
    Vehicle Maintenance Unit
  • VODS 
    Vehicle on Line Descriptive Search
  • Volume Crime 
    Types of crime that occur frequently, such as theft and car crime.
  • VRM 
    Vehicle Registration Mark
  • Vulnerable Witness Interview Suites 
    Specific facilities for interviewing vulnerable individuals (including children) in a less intimidating atmosphere
  • WACPO 
    Welsh Association of Chief Police Officers
  • WAG 
    Welsh Assembly Government
  • WDA 
    Waste Disposal Authority
  • WEF 
    With Effect From
    Wireless Operational Link and Video Exploration System (Camera attached to the head of a police dog)
  • WPC 
    Woman Police Constable (now usually just PC)
  • WPS 
    Woman Police Sergeant (now usually just PS)
  • WRVS 
    Woman's Royal Voluntary Society
  • YOP 
    Youth Offending Policy
  • YOT 
    Youth Offending Team