• 532/2017

    Provide monthly breakdown of Make/Model of cars with the highest number of speeding penalties in 2015-2017?

  • 561/2017

    How many domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN) have been issued in the 12 month period between January 2016 & December 2016?

  • 495/2017

    How many offences were detected for driver speeding not wearing seatbelt and mobile phone offences in 2016 and 2017?

  • 489/2017

    How many fixed penalty notices for driving with due care and attention were issued 01 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016?

  • 462/2017

    How many fixed penalty notices were isdsued for seatbelt offences between June 2104 to June 2017?

  • 393/2017

    Number of Community Protection Notices(CPN) issued to a person for a dog when the dog has shown it's capable of aggression?

  • 303/2017

    Number of people fined for illegally using a mobile phone while driving between 01/02/17 to 28/02/17 01/03/17 to 28/03/17?

  • 089/2017

    fixed Penalty Notices handed out by Officers for misusing fog lights?

  • 176/2017

    How many people have you issued tickets for smoking with a child in the car from 2015 to 2017?

  • 152/2017

    How many fines have been handed out for illegal parking outside school area form 2014 to 2016?

  • 146/2017

    How many fixed penalties notices were issued in 2016 for person smoking in work vehicle?

  • 093/2017

    How many fixed Penalty Notices were issued by the force for all pedal cycle-related offences in 2013 to 2016?

  • 055/2017

    How many people have you charged with tailgating since the law relating to careless driving was introduced in 2013?

  • 683/2016

    Number of fines issued for smoking in a vehicle with child/children present from Oct 2015 to Sept 2016?

  • 644/2016

    How many people fined smoking in a vehicle carrying anyone under 18yrs?

  • 655/2016

    How many fines issued to drivers found smoking in cars with children present since the law last October?

  • 618/2016

    How many fixed penalties notices issued smokig in private vehicles with under 18yrs old person

  • 453/2016

    Penalty Notices Issued for Section 5 of The Public Order Act 2014-2016

  • 266/2016

    Drivers running red lights and locations where most people were given fixed penalty tickets - 266.2016

  • 027/2016

    Fixed Penalties issued for smoking in a Car with and under 18 yrs old passenger