• 815/2017

    Number of officers on restricted duties in each year 205 to 2017?

  • 788/2017

    Total number of police officers/PCSO's in your force as at 1st April for as many financial years as possible since 2010?

  • 760/2017

    What support i;e conselling is available to officers and staff members regarding mental health?

  • 778/2017

    How many Officers have currently been on sick leave for 12 mths or longer?

  • 761/2017

    How many Officers/Staff does the force currently employ in the last three financial years?

  • 755/2017

    How many Police Officers are able to speak welsh in their work?

  • 753/2017

    How may Police Officers are employed within your Custody Department by Rank/Role & FTE?

  • 718/2017

    Total number of apprentices employed by you?

  • 428/2017

    The Number of police officers currenlty employed by Dyfed Powys Police( including Specials, Constable, Sergeant, Inspectors, Ch/Inspectors, Supt and Ch/Supt?

  • 374/2017

    How many Full time Police Constables/PCSO have based in shcools in 2016?

  • 321/2017

    Number of retired former police officers who belong to you pension scheme?

  • 249/2017

    The number of Police Traffic Officer in your force from 2014 to 2016?

  • 246/2017

    How many equal pay claims are currently outstanding in your organisation?

  • 238/2017

    Does your force have a Gypsy Roma Liaison Officer or (SPOC) for engaging Gypsies and Travellers?

  • 222/2017

    Totla Number of workers and EU nationals employed by your police service ?

  • 218/2017

    Number of Police Officers resignations in 2011/2012?

  • 185/2017

    Does your organisation have an agreement set up with any public service unions in relation to facility time?

  • 177/2017

    How many dedicated road Traffic Officers do you have in current service in your police area?

  • 120/2017

    How many members of staff make up a Crime Audit or Data Audit Department in your force?

  • 110/2017

    What is the average starting salary for a police constable in your force?

  • 112/2017

    How many Officers/PCSO/Civilians/Specials/ Volunteers and Custody Suites are employed in the force?

  • 085/2017

    Number of Officers who left the force in 2014/15/and 2016?

  • 037/2017

    How many officers suspended on full pay and since returned to work dismissed or resigned in 2016 and 2017?

  • 849/2016

    Number of your Procurement Team in the Department?

  • 858/2016

    Number of disabled employees hired/recruited in 2013/14/15/ and 2016

  • 842/2016

    How many Employment Tribunals have ther been between Police Force and Individual Member of Staff or Police Officer?

  • 796/2016

    How many sick days lost in your authority in the last year 2016 as well as 2015 /2014?

  • 793/2016

    How many (FTE) jobns have been lost in your service in the last year 2016?

  • 725/2016

    Amount of dedicated hate crimes officers your force employs?

  • 698/2016

    How many Assaults have taken place on Staff in each of last five years and type of Assaults?

  • 689/2016

    Which Higher Education Organisations/Universites are currently listed within your Police Area as Accredited?

  • 690/2016

    Who is your Force lead for Digital Policing?

  • 679/2016

    Total number of individuals employed in firearms licensing on 31st March 2016

  • 664/2016

    Salary Range for the Head of Estate/Fleet and Procurement?

  • 649/2016

    How many Officers have received medical treatment as a result of being spat on this year 2015/16?

  • 636/2016

    What is the Ethnicity/Gender break down for Police Officers in Numbers and Percentages?

  • 609/2016

    Number of EU Nationals currently employed infrontline and back office positions?

  • 527/2016

    Number of Forensic Collision Investigators Currently Employed?

  • 528/2016

    Does the Force subscribe to the `Two Tick Scheme'

  • 505/2016

    Total Staff Headcount that are employed directly by Dyfed Powys Police?

  • 424/2016

    Figures relating to Officers Certified Permanently Unfit for Full Duties

  • 420/2016

    Figures relating to Police Officers in Dyfed Powys Police with Tasers

  • 380/2016

    Figures relating to Police Officers undertaking PIP training 2012-2016

  • 406/2016

    Number of Firearms Police Officers within Dyfed-Powys Police 2016

  • 383/2016

    Training Provided by the Metropolitan Police

  • 342/2016

    Number of Police Officers within Dyfed-Powys Police

  • 364/2016

    Police Officers with over 30 years service 2009-2016

  • 336/2016

    Crime scene examiner/investigator information request - 336.2016

  • 293/2016

    Civilian staff assigned to JSIU information - 293.2016

  • 258/2016

    Officers on restricted duties/role due to injury - 258.2016

  • 146/2016

    Dedicated Missing Person Team,Burglaries Team and Traffice Roads Team?

  • 098/2016

    What Extra Powers and Responsibilites on contracted Staff Volunteers you may have

  • 078/2016

    Date Senior Firearms Officer granted delegated Authority by the Chief Constable.

  • 024/2016

    How many rest days are owed to Cobstables,Inspectors and Chief Inspectors in yours Force?

  • 030/2016

    Does your Force have a stand alone transgender Policy

  • 735/2015

    Police Employees on Leave due to long Term Sickness

  • 708/2015

    Number of Press/ Freedom of Information Officers who are employed by Dyfed Powys Police

  • 671/2015 (1)

    Former Officers in receipt an Injury Pension

  • 649/2015

    How many Sick days Police Officers took during the 2014/15 Financial Year.

  • 612/2015

    How many Police Support volunteers Registered with the Force

  • 601/2015

    Employment Tribunal Claims

  • 469/2015

    Existing Contracts for the supply of Temporary Agency Staff and/0r Supply of Permanent Staff

  • 319/2015

    Number of Staff (FTE) / ranks for the year 2005

  • 238/2015

    Establishment figures for 2012/13/and 2014

  • 226/2015

    How many Staff Employed by the Force Transferred to G4S or Serco

  • 127/2015

    Number of Officers of all Ranks been promoted 2012/13/14

  • 092/2015

    Affect of Austerity on employment i the Police Fores in Wales

  • 081/2015

    Actual Establishment of constables by Dyfed Powys Police