• 382/2018

    What current contracts do the Force have in place for mapping and gazetteer management

  • 327/2018

    Training details including dates where applicable for CC Mark Collins regarding adult cautions including Dyfed Powys Adult Cautioning policy including updates and Ministry of Justice guidance on adult cautions including updates

  • 831/2016

    Does your force have an Active Black Police Association (BME) member of your workforce?

  • 820/2016

    Number of Custody Suites/Cells operated by the force, list of closure of custody suited/Cells

  • 771/2016

    Any monitoring in relation to compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime?

  • 748/2016

    How many Police Houses (designated for Police Officers to live in) does Dyfed-Powys Police Currently own?

  • 629/2016

    Provide documentation of serious efeciencies identified by HMIC?

  • 601/2016

    How many FOI request did you receive from Jan 2015 to Jan 2016?

  • 575/2016

    How many building your Authority Owns/Rents/Empty?

  • 533/2016

    Serious Organised Crime Local Profile Pembrokeshire

  • 533/2016 (1)

    Serious Organised Crime Local Profile Final Response

  • 512/2016

    Number of applicants for DBS Checks through you force?

  • 428/2016

    The total number of arrests arising from Section 43 Terrorism in 2014/15?

  • 275/2016

    Forensic medical examination and SARC services information - 275.2016

  • 765/2015


  • 672/2015

    Provider for Information Asset Register

  • 546/2015

    Police Station in your Force Area Opened And Closed in each calender Yr

  • 545/2015

    How many DBS check application are currently awaiting processing more than 8 weeks?

  • 372/2015

    Is the Social Media output archived for FOI Requests,Compliance,Digital Archaeology?

  • 352/2015

    How Many Police station/Local/Sub offices have closed since May 2010

  • 312/2015

    FOI Request Received for full disclosure/Partial 2010/11-2014/15