• 618/2018

    Please could you provide information as to whether Dyfed Powys Police has an internal policy detailing the process to be undertaken if an adverse judicial comment is made against an officer in criminal or civil court. The information I am interested in is the subsequent validation process through the Professional Standards Department and CPS, as per Chapter 18 of the CPS Disclosure Manual

  • 630/2018

    Do you have a procurement policy which supports the use of UK Government IT procurement frameworks, such as G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists?

  • 256/2018

    I am looking for anything which is a policy on how injury awards/pensions are managed, particularly how any reviews of degree of disablement should be handled

  • 233/2018

    I am writing to make a Freedom of Information request regarding your assistance in the availability of (and access to) documentation relating to Powys Police’s response to a Home Office policy review in 2000-2001.

  • 203/2018

    What is your policy on dealing with fully aware and mental competent detainees who refuse to go to hospital against the advice of a medical expert

  • 081/2018

    What is your Force's policy on prosecuting drivers for using mobile phone whilst driving?

  • 025/2018

    Does your police force reports victims and/or witnesses of crime to the Home Office for immigration enforcement. What policies are in place?

  • 893/2017

    Has the police force given any new guidance to its officers about the priorities of dealing with ‘low level’ crime eg burglaries, low level drug dealing (for example a crime assessment policy) etc in the past 12 months?

  • 817/2017

    Victims right to review policy -817/2017

  • 677/2017

    Current policy and documentation of your forces policy relating to the release of digital forensic images?

  • 622/2017

    Does Dyfed Powys Police have a policy or guidelines for the treatment of transgender suspect and/or offenders?

  • 408/2017

    All Policy/Guidance material relating to the placement against an individual name an individual's name of a police national computer marker relating to mental health difficulties,as currenlty in force?

  • 845/2016

    Do you have a policy to change tyres on your emergency vehicles when they reach a minium tread?

  • 754/2016

    Has your police adopted any policyin to the use of the iterim Exemption "Dangerous Dogs"

  • 678/2016

    Redeployment Scheme and copy of Policy and Pay Grades ?

  • 500/2016

    Policy decisions, operational and Guidance,Minutes of meetings with Regards Road Traffic Act 1988.

  • 409/2016

    Provisions in place for Female Offenders and Detainees