• 183/2018

    Number of people currently on the sex offenders register in Powys in 2017/2016/2015?

  • 052/2018

    How many sex offenders are registered in your force area whose whereabouts are unknown as of January 17th, 2018?

  • 954/2017

    In relation to the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, otherwise known as "Sarah's Law", how many requests has your force received asking if someone who has sufficient access to children has a sex offender's record? Please limit this inquiry to cases dealt with after 31.12.2016.

  • 555/2017

    Details of every Sexual Risk order application made to the court since Jan 2016?

  • 813/2016

    Number of Sex Offenders recorded against under 18s in leisure centre where the occupation of the suspect was a sports coach,lifeguard/volunteer?

  • 382/2016

    Number of Successful Appeals of Registered Sex Offenders

  • 023/2016

    How many applicants for removal from the sex offenders register