• 974/2017

    Could you tell me how many drivers you have prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit in a 20mph zone since January 01 2017?

  • 948/2017

    How many dedicated Road Policing Unit (traffic) cars were on your force’s fleet as of the end of November 2017?

  • 920/2017

    How many times in the last three years ( including this current one), have police vehicles in your force been mis-fueled (i.e. diesel in a petrol vehicle or vice versa)?

  • 871/2017

    Do police forces attach markers to cars whose registered keepers have previously provided a positive breath sample for driving with excess alcohol in their system, and/or who have been convicted for this offence?

  • 838/2017

    How many times in the last 12 mths Oct 2016 - Oct 2017 police vehicles in the force been mis-fuelled?

  • 801/2017

    Number of people who failed a breathalyser test at the roadside/caught driving broken down by month 2015 to 2017?

  • 779/2017

    Road Traffic Collision on the A470 just below Nant Ddu to the roundabout in Brecon between 1/10/12 to 1/10/17?

  • 772/2017

    The total number of fatal RTCs in Powys from January – September 2017?

  • 731/2017

    Details of Traffic accidents between The Old Motel travelling West towards Llandovery for approx 1 mile?

  • 701/2017

    Number of people caught driving cars with cloned number plates over the last five years?

  • 717/2017

    How many drivers have been stopped by police for driving with number plates that have been obscured by dirt or similar substances in 2015 to present?

  • 696/2017

    How many drivers were caught using hand held phones at the wheel between Dec 2016 - Feb 2017?

  • 640/2017

    The number of roads policing officer within your police force the the following years 2011 to 2015/16?

  • 558/2017

    How many vehicles were stopped over concerns of being overloaded in 205/16/and 2017 to date?

  • 541/2017

    Please provide the monthly breakdown of the number of breath and blood alcohol tests conducted by the force on drivers (includes car/van/truck/lorry and motorcycles) for years between 2012-2017?

  • 457/2017

    How many new speed bumps being erected over the last 5 years in in Carmarthenshire?

  • 356/2017

    How many temporary speed cameras were installed/removed during 2016?

  • 285/2017

    How many motorists were stopped for offences connected to the use of mobile phone in March 2017

  • 267/2017

    Are "In Car Offences" collected regardless of the vehicle speed or only for those exceeding the speed limit?

  • 271/2017

    Do you collect data on pedestrian/cyclist collisions on pavements/paths designated for use by both?

  • 243/2017

    How many Injury RTC's were recorded involving the following offences using vehciles with defective Tyres/Brakes Steering in 2016?

  • 221/2017

    Number of Police Officers/workers caught using a mobile phone since 1st March?

  • 139/2017

    Any Prosecutions for Perverting the Course of Justice involved a motorist using some form of Laser Jamming Device to evade a speed Camera?

  • 060/2017

    Number of peop;e fined /prosecuted for driving/keeping a car with illegal number plates in 2015 and 2016?

  • 090/2017

    How many drug driving arrests the force made between 02/02/205 to 17/11/2016?

  • 083/2017

    Total Number of People Serioulsy Injured in Road Traffic Accidents on Motorways in your Region from 2006 to 2016?

  • 062/2017

    Number of People aged 17-24 who have attended speed awarenes courses in Wales?

  • 045/2017 (1)

    How many number plates were incorrectly read by speed cameras operating in your force areaas a result of mud/dirt covering?

  • 036/2017

    How many people did your force catch speeding via methods other that those recorded by GoSafe for years 2014/15/16?

  • 847/2016

    Total Number of RTC on the A478 at Stoneyford Narberth?

  • 855/2016

    Any Motor Vehicle Accident or report of a vehicle on the section C96 between Groesffordd and Llangorse in the last 10 yrs?

  • 866/2016

    How many motorists have been prosecuted during 2012-2013 using mobile phone whilst driving?

  • 794/2016

    How many people have died within Dyfed Powys Police area a a result of Road Traffice Collisions for 2014/15 and 2016?

  • 773/2016

    The numberof incidents of Speed or Traffic cameras being activated by the police?

  • 615/2016

    Number of fixed penalty notices issued with careless driving under new powers of 2013?

  • 553/2016

    How many Drivers have been cautioned for driving on the Hard Shoulder 2011/12/13/14/15/and 2016?

  • 530/2016

    Motoring Offences on and Around Spring Gardens, Narberth?

  • 526/2016

    Number of Offences Reocrded involving Tractors CU30 etc?

  • 524/2016

    Obtain Reocrds and Statistics Relating to Recorded Road Traffic Incidents within the area

  • 493/2016

    Road Traffic Collisions along the route of the old train line A485 between Carmarthen and Tregaron?

  • 353/2016

    Driving Offences in the Llanfair Caereinion and Llanfyllin areas 2011-2016

  • 435/2016

    Figures on individuals reported for exceeding the Speed 20mph and 30 mph Limit in Newcastle Emlyn

  • 274/2016

    Speeding Offences data request - 274.2016

  • 310/2016

    Temporary fixed position speed cameras or temporary average cameras used to enforce temporary speed limits due to road maintenance - 310.2016

  • 312/2016

    Motorists driven off from a petrol station without paying for fuel - 312.2016

  • 326/2016

    Illegal modification of exhaust systems, headlamps and rear facing lamps - 326.2016

  • 334/2016

    Action taken against and fines issued to those not adhering to child seatbelt legislation - 334.2016

  • 306/2016

    emergency vehicles needing roadside assistance - 306.2016

  • 308/2016

    Theft of motor vehicles statistics - 308.2016

  • 272/2016

    Fines and cautions issued under smoke-free (private vehicles) regulations 2015 - 272.2016

  • 020/2016

    How Many Police Vehicles have been involved in Traffic Collisions in 2012/13- 2014/15

  • 695/2015

    Number of Damaged Vehicles recovered by the Police from the A487 Manorowen to Panteg

  • 114/2015

    114/2015 Driving whilst disqualified