• 600/2018

    I request updated accident statistics for the routes covered by the original request. ‘Damage Only’ Road Traffic Collisions: A485/ B4459/ A482/A487/ A485 – Tregaron – Llanfarian/B4575 Llanilar to Trawscoed/B4340 Pontrhydfendigaid – Southgate/A4120 – Aber – Ponterwyd/B4459 – Pencader – Synod INN/B4336 – Llandysul – Llanfihangel/B4336/Llanllwni – Llanfihangel/A486 – Synod Inn – Llandysul/A475 /Newcastle Emlyn – Lampeter/ B4337 Llanwnned – Llanrhystud./A482 Lampeter to Llanwrda ‘Injury’ Road Traffic Collision Carmarthen to Tregaron A485/ B4459 Windy Corner to Llanfihan/ B4336 Llanfihangel to Llanllwni/ A482 Lampeter to Aberaeron/ A487 Synod Inn to Aber/A485, B4575, B4340, A4120 Tre_Aber/ B4459, B4336, A486 Pencader_Synod/ A475 Newcastle Emlyn – Lampeter/ B4337 (from junction with /A482) Lampeter - Aberystwyth/ A482 Lampeter to Llanwrda.

  • 634/2018

    Please provide the following information, for your jurisdiction, with regard to Police Escorting of Abnormal Indivisible Loads (AIL) as described by The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003. How many abnormal load notifications were received between April 2016 – April 2017?

  • 538/2018

    As must be the case with many community councils, one of our main current concerns is speeding in the village of Letterston. We note with pleasure that the Safety Partnership van has been operating in St Davids Road of late. Would it please be possible to have some 'top level' statistics, such as number of visits to the village during 2018 and from these, the number of speeding process notices generated.

  • 523/2018

    I would like to know the number of recorded offences following a road collision where a driver has failed to stop (hit and run) and someone (eg a pedestrian, cyclist, driver or passenger in another vehicle) has been seriously injured or killed. I am looking for information dating from January 2015 to the date of this email (9 July 2018)

  • 430/2018

    The number of complaints/operations, received from residents living in Pen Y Bont LLanerch, Emrys in relation to vehicles travelling at excessive speed through the village, in the last two years?

  • 460/2018

    How many injury and fatal road traffic collisions have been reported in your police force area for the calendar years: 2013, 2014,2015,2016,2017?

  • 454/2018

    I'd be grateful if you could tell me how many traffic accidents have been recorded since January 2013 on the C2049 through Brooks, and at the junction of C2049 and C2006?

  • 375/2018

    If possible, I would like to know how many RTCs have been reported/taken place on the A48 - between Carmarthen and Pont Abraham - in the last 10 years.

  • 386/208

    The number of drivers caught over the legal drink-drive limit in your force area, broken down by month for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 to date

  • 367/2018

    Within your constabulary, what is the highest speed (mph) recorded from 1st January 2017 up to and including May 2018

  • 395/2018

    How many of the force’s vehicles have been damaged by potholes in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 so far? Please break the data down by calendar year.

  • 353/2018

    Proportion of resources that have been devoted to the issue of noise abatement of motorcycle exhausts and the general fashion in which motorcycles are driven the cost of motorcycle accidents?

  • 361/2018

    How many times since August 2017 and April 2018 have the police carried out speed checks on the High street in Llandysul. How many prosecutions have been issued for speeding?

  • 331/2018

    The number of motorists who have paid recovery and storage charges to retrieve their stolen vehicles, and (b) the amount of money motorists have paid in recovery and storage charges to retrieve their stolen vehicles, by your police force in each year since the current statutory charges were set in 2008?

  • 312/2018

    Number of Incidents, near miss reports and accidents involving the BMX X5 registered to your fleet over the last 5 years.

  • 241/2018

    How many motorists in your force area were charged with driving under the influence of drugs in 2015, 2016, 2017 and so far in 2018 (Jan – March). Please provide a breakdown for each year

  • 216/2018

    The number of road accidents involving dogs in your police force area for each year since 2007 inclusive?

  • 143/2018

    For the past three years (2015, 2016 and H1 2017) please provide the total number of incidents where a driving licence was endorsed for a speeding offence (SP10-SP50), broken down by the speed limit on the road on which they were travelling:

  • 148/2018

    Please provide the number of serious road accidents (involving serious injury or fatalities) reported to your force for each of the following calendar years:2012/13 /2013/14/ 2014/15/2015/16/ 2016/17 2017/18?

  • 145/2018

    Would it be possible to provide any data of the number of accidents/fatalities on Neath Road Ystradgynlais within the last five years?

  • 084/2018

    In the time periods 2015, 2016 and 2017 year to date, how many vehicles were reported stolen in your area? Please provide this information broken down by year.

  • 092/2018

    How many police vehicles in your police force were mis-fuelled in the entirety of 2017, What was the cost of repairing these vehicles?

  • 974/2017

    Could you tell me how many drivers you have prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit in a 20mph zone since January 01 2017?

  • 948/2017

    How many dedicated Road Policing Unit (traffic) cars were on your force’s fleet as of the end of November 2017?

  • 920/2017

    How many times in the last three years ( including this current one), have police vehicles in your force been mis-fueled (i.e. diesel in a petrol vehicle or vice versa)?

  • 871/2017

    Do police forces attach markers to cars whose registered keepers have previously provided a positive breath sample for driving with excess alcohol in their system, and/or who have been convicted for this offence?

  • 838/2017

    How many times in the last 12 mths Oct 2016 - Oct 2017 police vehicles in the force been mis-fuelled?

  • 801/2017

    Number of people who failed a breathalyser test at the roadside/caught driving broken down by month 2015 to 2017?

  • 779/2017

    Road Traffic Collision on the A470 just below Nant Ddu to the roundabout in Brecon between 1/10/12 to 1/10/17?

  • 772/2017

    The total number of fatal RTCs in Powys from January – September 2017?

  • 731/2017

    Details of Traffic accidents between The Old Motel travelling West towards Llandovery for approx 1 mile?

  • 701/2017

    Number of people caught driving cars with cloned number plates over the last five years?

  • 717/2017

    How many drivers have been stopped by police for driving with number plates that have been obscured by dirt or similar substances in 2015 to present?

  • 696/2017

    How many drivers were caught using hand held phones at the wheel between Dec 2016 - Feb 2017?

  • 640/2017

    The number of roads policing officer within your police force the the following years 2011 to 2015/16?

  • 558/2017

    How many vehicles were stopped over concerns of being overloaded in 205/16/and 2017 to date?

  • 541/2017

    Please provide the monthly breakdown of the number of breath and blood alcohol tests conducted by the force on drivers (includes car/van/truck/lorry and motorcycles) for years between 2012-2017?

  • 457/2017

    How many new speed bumps being erected over the last 5 years in in Carmarthenshire?

  • 356/2017

    How many temporary speed cameras were installed/removed during 2016?

  • 285/2017

    How many motorists were stopped for offences connected to the use of mobile phone in March 2017

  • 267/2017

    Are "In Car Offences" collected regardless of the vehicle speed or only for those exceeding the speed limit?

  • 271/2017

    Do you collect data on pedestrian/cyclist collisions on pavements/paths designated for use by both?

  • 243/2017

    How many Injury RTC's were recorded involving the following offences using vehciles with defective Tyres/Brakes Steering in 2016?

  • 221/2017

    Number of Police Officers/workers caught using a mobile phone since 1st March?

  • 139/2017

    Any Prosecutions for Perverting the Course of Justice involved a motorist using some form of Laser Jamming Device to evade a speed Camera?

  • 060/2017

    Number of peop;e fined /prosecuted for driving/keeping a car with illegal number plates in 2015 and 2016?

  • 090/2017

    How many drug driving arrests the force made between 02/02/205 to 17/11/2016?

  • 083/2017

    Total Number of People Serioulsy Injured in Road Traffic Accidents on Motorways in your Region from 2006 to 2016?

  • 062/2017

    Number of People aged 17-24 who have attended speed awarenes courses in Wales?

  • 045/2017 (1)

    How many number plates were incorrectly read by speed cameras operating in your force areaas a result of mud/dirt covering?

  • 036/2017

    How many people did your force catch speeding via methods other that those recorded by GoSafe for years 2014/15/16?

  • 847/2016

    Total Number of RTC on the A478 at Stoneyford Narberth?

  • 855/2016

    Any Motor Vehicle Accident or report of a vehicle on the section C96 between Groesffordd and Llangorse in the last 10 yrs?

  • 866/2016

    How many motorists have been prosecuted during 2012-2013 using mobile phone whilst driving?

  • 794/2016

    How many people have died within Dyfed Powys Police area a a result of Road Traffice Collisions for 2014/15 and 2016?

  • 773/2016

    The numberof incidents of Speed or Traffic cameras being activated by the police?

  • 615/2016

    Number of fixed penalty notices issued with careless driving under new powers of 2013?

  • 553/2016

    How many Drivers have been cautioned for driving on the Hard Shoulder 2011/12/13/14/15/and 2016?

  • 530/2016

    Motoring Offences on and Around Spring Gardens, Narberth?

  • 526/2016

    Number of Offences Reocrded involving Tractors CU30 etc?

  • 524/2016

    Obtain Reocrds and Statistics Relating to Recorded Road Traffic Incidents within the area

  • 493/2016

    Road Traffic Collisions along the route of the old train line A485 between Carmarthen and Tregaron?

  • 353/2016

    Driving Offences in the Llanfair Caereinion and Llanfyllin areas 2011-2016

  • 435/2016

    Figures on individuals reported for exceeding the Speed 20mph and 30 mph Limit in Newcastle Emlyn

  • 274/2016

    Speeding Offences data request - 274.2016

  • 310/2016

    Temporary fixed position speed cameras or temporary average cameras used to enforce temporary speed limits due to road maintenance - 310.2016

  • 312/2016

    Motorists driven off from a petrol station without paying for fuel - 312.2016

  • 326/2016

    Illegal modification of exhaust systems, headlamps and rear facing lamps - 326.2016

  • 334/2016

    Action taken against and fines issued to those not adhering to child seatbelt legislation - 334.2016

  • 306/2016

    emergency vehicles needing roadside assistance - 306.2016

  • 308/2016

    Theft of motor vehicles statistics - 308.2016

  • 272/2016

    Fines and cautions issued under smoke-free (private vehicles) regulations 2015 - 272.2016

  • 020/2016

    How Many Police Vehicles have been involved in Traffic Collisions in 2012/13- 2014/15

  • 695/2015

    Number of Damaged Vehicles recovered by the Police from the A487 Manorowen to Panteg

  • 114/2015

    114/2015 Driving whilst disqualified