• 597/2017

    Safety Training for Choke Holds?

  • 402/2017

    Does your force train officers in Acheiving Best Evidence (ABE) Interviews?

  • 737/2016

    Any recorded document which would define under common in "a disorderly manner"

  • 653/2016

    Training given to officers on the advice to give to victims of crime about getting Therapy? (Psychological help)

  • 621/2016

    How many request to provide police trainign to a foreign policing agency has your force received?

  • 035/2016

    Serious Crime Act 2015 Training Packages for the Force

  • 709/2015

    Political Activists Environmental Campaigners. Muslims/Christians/Secularist

  • 332/2015

    Number of Officers Taken Fitness Assessment