• 191/2018

    What proportion of officers in local area based roles, such as area based response or neighbourhood policing, are trained to carry TASER? I specifically don't want to include anyone in tactical roles such as armed response, roads policing or dog handlers.

  • 238/2018

    Could you provide me with the following, for the calendar years 2015, 2016 and 2017. In each of these calendar years, how many officers took part in evidence disclosure training

  • 026/2018

    Breakdown of the total number of employees who have been through cybercrime training over the last three years 2017, 2016 and 2015. Estimated expenditure on cyber training/courses?

  • 008/2018

    Could we have the number of officers who have been FLO trained as at 1st April on each year from 2010 to 2017?

  • 597/2017

    Safety Training for Choke Holds?

  • 576/2017

    Can you provide me with a list that details which discretionary powers are designated for Police Community Support Officers in your force, as listed in Annex B of the Government's Police community support officers powers publication?

  • 402/2017

    Does your force train officers in Acheiving Best Evidence (ABE) Interviews?

  • 737/2016

    Any recorded document which would define under common in "a disorderly manner"

  • 653/2016

    Training given to officers on the advice to give to victims of crime about getting Therapy? (Psychological help)

  • 621/2016

    How many request to provide police trainign to a foreign policing agency has your force received?

  • 035/2016

    Serious Crime Act 2015 Training Packages for the Force

  • 709/2015

    Political Activists Environmental Campaigners. Muslims/Christians/Secularist

  • 332/2015

    Number of Officers Taken Fitness Assessment