• 721/2017

    Number of Police Officers under Criminal Investigation and Misconduct/Gross investigation?

  • 700/2017

    Number of complaints of racial discrimination made by force staff against the force?

  • 521/2017

    The number of staff and serving officers disciplined over their use of social media over the last 3 yrs. 2014/15/16?

  • 498/2017

    How many Police Officers/Staff have been reported being bitten/spat by another human being while on duty?

  • 383/2017

    How many complaints/conduct matters including allegations of assualt/excessive force were recorded against officers in 2010/11/12/13/and 2014?

  • 372/2017

    Number of complaints made against police officers for inappropriate use of social media?

  • 361/2017

    Number of police workers who have faced disciplinary action for looking up member of the public's police records for unofficial business ifrom 01/04/14 to 31/03/2017?

  • 316/2017

    Does your force have a plan to ensure the capability and capacity required to seek intelligence on potential abuse of authority by officers?

  • 301/2017

    Number of complaints of sexual harrassment, against serving police officers,PCSO's and Special Constables sinc May 2012?

  • 305/2017

    Please give breakdown including the month/year of the loss of a description of the evidence which went missing, and outcome of related disciplinary investigation for staff/officers?

  • 279/2017

    How many complaints of misconduct have neem made against police officers/PCSO's during 2014 to 2016?

  • 228/2017

    How many complaints of racism has your force received by Victim/PoliceOfficer/Third Party?

  • 233/2017

    How many complaints of racism over the last three years has your force received from 2013 to 2016?

  • 153/2017

    How many officers have been disciplined as a result of complaints of racism and what was the result of the disciplinary action?

  • 091/2017

    How many allegations recorded in relation to bribery of public /private sector personnel

  • 071/2017

    Professional Misconduct Hearings held between 1st May 2015 and !st November 2016?

  • 037/2017

    Number of Police Officers detected for illegally accessing the Police National Computer?

  • 869/2016

    How many times have you had to inform the Information commissioners Ofice (ICO) of a data security breach of any kind in 2014/15/16/ and 2017?

  • 839/2016

    How many Misconduct Cases have been chaired by a egally qualifed chair?

  • 818/2016

    How many Police Officers have been disciplined for being drunk off/on duty, since 2012/13/14/15/ ans 2016?

  • 804/2016

    How many complaints/arrested on suspicion of fraud offences since the online crowdfunding GoFundMe since May 2010?

  • 804/2016 (1)

    How many complaints/arrested on suspicion of fraud offences since the online crowdfunding GoFundMe since May 2010?

  • 791/2016

    How Many Officers have been subject to Misconduct Hearings in the last five years?

  • 710/2016

    How many Persons have made complaint of Discrimination agains the Force under Equalities Act?

  • 661/2016

    How many Misconduct hearing and special case hearings were held in public?

  • 427/2016

    Number of recorded complaints against Police?

  • 337/2016

    Incidents of Computer Misuse between 2012-2015

  • 392/2016

    Figures relating to Officers Suspended on Full Pay 2015-2016

  • 366/2016

    Retired Police Officers Under Investigation For Misconduct

  • 325/2016

    Strip search complaints - 325.2016

  • 278/2016

    Officers sacked or suspended due to claims of extremism or radicalisation - 278.2016

  • 122/2016

    Figures for Police Employees breaching Professional Standards last 5 yrs

  • 033/2016

    How many Current Staff do you employ who have Cautions or Convictions

  • 203/2015

    Figures for the Number of Police Orricers issued Misconduct Notices

  • 685/2015

    How many complaints have been made about the Firearms Licence Deaprtment

  • 248/2015

    complaint and conduct Investigations in respect of Police Officers

  • 191/2015

    Police Officers Misconduct while on Duty

  • 100/2015

    Misuse of the Police National Computer (PNC)

  • 065/2015

    Complaints of Staff/Officer employee files been lost or mislaid.