• 452/2018

    Is your force currently testing voice recognition technology for policing purposes? If yes, please provide detail of: The purposes for which your force is currently testing voice recognition technology?

  • 346/2018

    Is your force using any algorithms and/or artificial intelligence software at any point in the process of investigating, detecting, or preventing crime?

  • 278/2018

    When did you start carrying out mobile phone extractions using SSK’s and Hubs; (please include when you first trialled this technology and when you first started using it following the trial)

  • 193/2018

    What model device are officers in local area based roles , neighbourhood policing , issued to access force and national police IT systems?

  • 232/2018

    What is the name and software version of your current ICCS system?

  • 159/2018

    What is the make and software version of the contact centre telephony system responsible for routing 999 and 101 calls to agents within the force's contact centres?

  • 832/2017

    The Software used to manage FOI requests or cases?

  • 826/2017

    How many buildings have studios/rooms with ISDN lines for broadcast radio/TV interviews?

  • 746/2017

    Does your force currently use any biometric facial recognition/comparison /detection technology

  • 775/2017

    What Case Management System do you use (ie: Access, Oracle,Marine DB etc?

  • 733/2017

    Which IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions are currently being used by your organisation?

  • 592/2017

    Number of IT Users also IT Budget/Laptop Mobile Devices within the organisation ?

  • 244/2017

    How the increase of Cybercrime rates has influenced budgets for the former HITEC Digital Communication and Cyber Crime Unit ?

  • 182/2017

    How many Crimes have involved the dating app Tinder,Facebook and other social media apps in 2013 to 2016?

  • 147/2017

    Provide documetns that hold ICT STrategy from 2012 to 2017?

  • 133/2017

    Do you make use of any Instant Messaging Clents/Systems Like Yammer/Slack/whatapp groups/facebook or Twitter ?

  • 061/2017

    Expected Tender release date for their telecomminications services including business calls and lines,mobiles, internet and maintenance?

  • 047/2017

    Number of Complaints about Police Officers illegally accessing the PNC?

  • 044/2017

    Does you force carry out mobile phone data extracts in low level crime using self serivce/downlowading kiosks?

  • 016/2017

    Who Provides the Organisation BACS payments and Direct Debit software?

  • 017/2017

    Which company currently provide your forces Body Worn Cameras?

  • 867/2016

    Does the force have Video -link technology to enable virtual hearings with the courts?

  • 877/2016

    Specific ICT Contract(s) for Server Hardware Maintenance relating to the support and maintenance of the organisation's physical servers?

  • 766/2016

    Does the Force use IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology?

  • 764/2016

    How many Microsoft Licenses (for example Office 365, servers email software etc)?

  • 586/2016

    Do you have any sort of web filter in place to block access to website?

  • 294/2015

    IT and Telecommunication equipment Disposal

  • 075/2016

    075/2016 supplier for Telecommunications Services,Internet and mainternance.

  • 239/2015

    Framework Contracts for Apple Computers/Mac's,Ipad's etc