17 Chw 2014

Police in Pembrokeshire are advising the public to look after their heating oil supply following a recent spate of heating oil thefts from storage tanks in the area.
In an effort to try to combat the thefts of heating oil, the following points may assist you in preventing yourself from becoming a victim of
• Be aware of your oil levels and check frequently.
• Where possible keep your levels low and the same when refilling.
• Speak to your supplier with regards to a more frequent but smaller delivery
• If you have a plastic tank, consider erecting fencing around the tank with one end hinged and locked for filling purposes. The fencing should be fixed to solid posts and should be set off the tank aprox 12 inches on all sides. The same should be fixed to the top as well.
• If you have a steel tank, then fit a quality anti-cut close-shackled padlock.
• If you have outside security lighting, then please ensure that the system works and that the light sensors have been adjusted correctly to detect movement.
If anyone is aware of persons going out with drums and pipes to steal fuel please contact either your local Police Station on
101 or  CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111