Formerly referred to as the Press Office, the remit of the Corporate Communications department has evolved over time to include not only the reactive function to support ongoing incidents, investigations and campaigns, but now has a much broader communications remit.

The team supports external and internal communications; delivers a range of communications training; provides advice on community engagement; manages our corporate digital communication channels, including the corporate social media accounts, website and the community messaging system (DPCM).

The team also maintains close relationships with other emergency services, the police service nationally and other stakeholders, so that our emergency communications response and our warning and informing capability is as good as it can be. We also facilitate filming and documentary requests when required.

During office hours

Office hours are:

9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday. 

Incidents allowing, we close at 4.30pm on a Friday.

If you are looking to contact us with a media query during office hours, we’d prefer it if you could email us at, that way your message lands in one mailbox and can be accessed by the wider team.

We understand though that some people would rather call us – our number is 01267 226555/162.


How do I contact you outside of office hours?

Outside of our office hours, calls should be directed to the Force Incident Manager (FIM) via 101 (if you are within Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire or Powys).  If you are outside our force area, you should dial 01267 222020. 

The FIM will assess the call and make a decision as to what information he or she can give. The FIM will make the decision as to whether or not the on-call Communications Officer should be contacted.

The on-call Communications Officer will also be activated by others across the force to support ongoing investigation or provide information to our communities for the purposes of warning and informing.

In the first instance you will reach our Press Desk.  We staff our Press Desk with two members of staff at peak times (Monday and Tuesday) and with one member of staff for the rest of the week, unless we have an ongoing incident or investigation and are managing higher than normal call volumes. 

We rotate staff because they have other responsibilities too, so you may not speak to the same person each day, but we are only a small team and all work in the same room so information is shared and all calls and updates are logged on our call management system to ensure consistency.

We review calls volumes and demand monthly are always looking to adjust staffing levels to deliver the best service we can. 

If your question is in relation to an ongoing investigation and we need your help with the investigation, we will work hard to provide you with regular updates and the necessary information.  If we’re unable to provide you with specific information you ask for, this is likely to be because it would compromise the ongoing investigation or because of the laws and guidance we work to.

Sometimes we receive calls from members of the media and we have to do an amount of investigative work ourselves to identify the appropriate contact or information. We will always do our best to respond to that query if we are able to.

Barriers to us providing you with information may relate to sensitivities around an ongoing investigation; information not being ours to share i.e. a partner agency has primacy (in this case you should contact that agency directly) or that the information you are asking for requires you to submit a Freedom of Information (FOI) request – An example where this is most likely to happen is if you are asking for large amounts of data or, sets of data for comparison.  We direct you to submit an FOI in this case because we have neither the resource or ability to provide you with such information.

We receive many requests from production companies interested in working with us on a range of television programmes.  We have a multi-step process for considering these requests. 

We recognise that the process of making television programmes is a costly one for you and it can be for us too.  We’re look to work with companies that have the same values as us; Companies that understand the responsibilities we have as a service to our victims and our communities. 

If you are interested in working with us, we’ll first ask you to complete a filming request form, which will give us a good indication of the programme your making. We’re also keen to hear about people you have previously worked with whom we can speak.

Previously we have said we will only give full consideration to programmes that have already been commissioned, but we understand that sometimes that can be a bit chicken and egg! If you submit a request to us for a programme that has not been commissioned, but we have a real interest in it, we’ll consider a telephone meeting to discuss – this is the exception rather than the rule though.

We recognise that the way in which people get their information is changing all the time.  We will happily add you to our mailing list, because we’re keen that our messages, appeals and advice reach as many people as possible.

Please note: If you are not registered with a regulating body such as IPSO, IMPRESS or Centre for Community Journalism, we will not be able to engage with you in relation to further briefings, guidance or for information beyond that included in the statements we release on our corporate channels.

We post the majority of our updates to our corporate Facebook page and Twitter account.  We also have more than 80 Twitter accounts associated with Dyfed-Powys Police – we’ve made a Twitter list so that you can access them all in one place.  Press releases and campaign materials are also made available in our Newsroom.

If you are not happy about a decision that has been made or have a complaint to make about an interaction with the team, we welcome your contact.  We are always looking to improve and acknowledge that we don’t always get things right.  Please contact:

Emma Northcote

Senior Manager Corporate Communications

Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police

Rhif Allanol|External: 01267 226664