General purpose dogs

General purpose police dogs work with human scent. They can be used to search for property and people and can also perform a Firearms Support role, with a camera mounted to its head to assist Firearms Officers when entering properties.

German Shepherd dogs are extremely sociable and versatile.

The breed is able to function as a patrol dog and tracking dog. 

The German Shepherd is still the best service dog with the police and armed forces, and their versatility has also led to them being used to seek buried people in avalanches and earthquakes.

For a number of years now dog sections have experienced difficulties in obtaining good quality German Shepherd dogs. As a result, we have turned to other breeds – one of which is the Malinois.

The Malinois is able to perform the same functions as a German Shepherd dog, and has some distinct advantages.

The Malinois has a much better construction and is lighter in weight than most German Shepherds, and will work to a far greater age than the German Shepherd.

Doberman dogs are extremely sociable and versatile.

The breed is able to function as a patrol dog and tracking dog.

They are not as widely used as German Shepherds are as they are highly strung dogs.

Specialist detection dogs

These dogs are used in a specialist detection role to search for drugs, explosives, cash and firearms.

The English Springer Spaniel is a friendly, lively, outgoing, medium-sized breed.

They are generally intelligent, skilful, willing and obedient.

The Springer's intelligence and agility, paired with its beauty, loyalty and trustworthiness make this breed one of the most desired.

English Springers are versatile dogs that train easily.

Reliable, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and gentle are all used to describe this dog, one of the most popular pets in the world.

Many Labradors are used as service and therapy dogs. Others do well in search and rescue work, as well as making excellent bomb, drugs and arson dogs. Their nose, disposition, and trainability make them particularly suitable for these types of activities.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog. It has wavy golden fur, a broad jaw and a well balanced frame.

It is a trained hunter and will do virtually anything to please its master.

Its intelligence and patience make it one of the most common dogs used to lead the blind.

The Golden Retriever is easy to train but is not very protective.

Border collies have an instinct to ‘gather’ sheep to the shepherd, a trait that makes them most useful on the hill.

Because they most often work far from their handlers, Border Collies must be intelligent and independent.

Natural versatility makes them excel in fields other than herding and sheepdog trials; their temperament is also well suited to life in the suburbs as long as there's plenty of work to do.