The scheme that gives people the ability to find out if their partner, or potential partner, has a history of abuse or violence is now available in Dyfed-Powys. Known as Clare’s Law, it also allows others with concerns (e.g. family members, friends, neighbours) to make an application if they have concerns about the welfare of another person.

If checks show that a person has a record of abusive behaviour, or there is other information to indicate that there may be a risk we will consider sharing this information with the person thought to be at risk. The scheme aims to help people to make a more informed decision on whether to continue a relationship, and provides further help and support to assist people when making that choice.

Who can ask for information?

  • You can make an application about your partner if you have a concern that they may harm you;
  • Any concerned third party, such as a parent, neighbour or friend can make an application if they have concerns about the welfare of another person;
  • A third party person making an application would not receive the information. This would be given to the person considered at risk, or someone in a position to protect the person considered to be at risk.

How can I request information?

You can:

  • Call 101
  • Speak to a police officer
  • Visit a police station

If you believe there is an immediate risk of harm to someone, or it is an emergency, you should always call 999.

To find out more about how the scheme works, click on the links below: