Did you know that you can now apply to delete biometric information we may hold relating to you.

This is information held on the Police National Computer, the National Fingerprint Database and the National DNA Database.

Retention of biometric information 

In 2012, the law was changed to allow police in England and Wales to indefinitely retain your DNA profile and fingerprints if you have ever been convicted of an offence or received a caution, warning or reprimand.

The legislation also allowed for this information to be deleted where appropriate.

This means you may now apply to  to have your biometric information removed from police systems. This applies where your biometric information is held due to a Penalty Notice for Disorder or as a result of you being arrested and charged, but not convicted, of a serious offence.

You must have no previous convictions and you must be able to provide grounds for making an application for deletion. 

The decision to delete your biometric information will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For further information please visit the ACRO Criminal Records Office website.