The term antisocial behaviour covers a wide range of activities that causes or could cause alarm or distress to individuals or communities as a whole. Examples include abandoned vehicles, begging, hoax calls to emergency services, excessive noise, verbal harassment, inconsiderate behaviour from neighbours, street drinking, civil disputes, and inappropriate use of a vehicle.

Reporting antisocial behaviour

Some antisocial behaviour is not categorised as criminal activity, but can still have a significant effect on the quality of people’s lives. Because of this, we and our partner agencies encourage people to report any antisocial behaviour, especially if it is ongoing.

Reporting antisocial behaviour ensures it can be tackled and patterns identified.  It also allows us to make sure we are targeting the correct areas.

Keep an incident diary to compile evidence in a structured way. Partners can use this evidence to decide on the most appropriate way to support you and tackle the problem. It is important that evidence is accurately recorded to take legal action.

Tackling antisocial behaviour

We work closely with partner agencies such as the local authority, Environment Agency, Youth Offending Service, housing associations and the fire and rescue service to apply a proactive approach to antisocial behaviour. We aim to end it and also provide a solution to any reasons behind the behaviour.

Many may see the police as the first point of contact to deal with antisocial behaviour and in some instances it may be dealt with by police alone or by a mixture of the police and partners.  There will also be occasions where a partner agency is best placed to deal with the matter.   

For more information and help in tackling antisocial behaviour, please call 101 or contact your local Neighbourhood Policing team.

Community trigger

If you have reported a problem to the council, police or housing provider and you feel not enough action has been taken to respond to your report, a community trigger is a way for you to ask for a case review.

In order to meet the threshold to activate the Community Trigger, you must have made;

  • 3 complaints of ASB from same person of ASB within 6 months
  • 5 complaints from different individuals about same location, person or problem within 6 months.
  • 1 Hate Incident / Crime within 6 months.
  • Consideration will be given if the above is not met to the persistence of ASB, harm or potential harm caused and the adequacy of the agency or agencies responses.

Each complaint made within one month of the incident and application for the review made within 6 months of the 1st complaint (S.104)

Call 101 for an application form. Notification of whether an application has been successful or not will be received within 20 working days.