Urgent Matters and Suspicious Activity Reporting

If you’ve seen or heard something that could suggest a terrorist threat to the UK do not ignore it, report it.

It only takes a moment to make a report online.

You can also report suspicious activity by contacting the Anti-Terrorism Hotline in confidence on 0800 789 321.

In an emergency, or if you need urgent police assistance, you should always dial 999.

Preventing Radicalisation

Radicalisation is a path that can lead a person to support terrorism and extreme ideas that are linked with violent terrorist groups. The person is often groomed to believe that using violence to support their ideas is the right thing to do.

PREVENT is the government’s strategy to reduce the threat to the UK from terrorism by stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

PREVENT works with partner agencies to provide practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensures they are given appropriate advice and support through Channel Panels and intervention providers. It works in a similar way to programmes designed to safeguard people from gangs, drug abuse, and physical and sexual abuse. It aims to provide early intervention, before a person gets drawn into terrorism, extremism and related criminal activity.

Not everybody will share the same opinion.  Holding a different view, religious, social or political does not mean that somebody is radical.  The concern is when somebody with extreme views acts, or intends to act, in a way that is harmful to themselves or others.

  • Those in a transitional period in their lives. This may be as a result of a bereavement, family unit change or moving home.
  • People suffering with poor mental health.
  • Those seeking an identity or belonging.
  • People with low self-esteem or confidence.
  • Victims of bullying or race / hate crime.
  • People who have undergone a recent religious conversion.
  • Being rejected by peer, faith social groups or family.
  • People who are in regular contact with others who have extremist views.
  • Isolation from family, friends and community.
  • Associating with people who have radical views
  • Viewing extremist websites, films, blogs or password protected sites.
  • Considering government policy to be a personal attack and holding a strong personal grievance.
  • A radical change in appearance.
  • Attending rallies and demonstrations in support of extreme causes.
  • Expressing approval, sympathy or acceptance of extreme violence.
  • Exhibiting extreme religious or racial intolerance.

If you have concerns about any individual or institution that falls into a ‘non-criminal space’ then make a PREVENT referral.

How to make a PREVENT referral

Gather all the information you can. A full picture is important but don’t delay in making the referral whilst you wait for information that can be added later - you can make a referral by using our online PREVENT referral form.

Further information about PREVENT

You can find out more about PREVENT by visiting the following links: