The National Driver Alertness Course is offered to motorists who are involved in a Road Traffic Incident where there is sufficient evidence to indicate that they have been "Driving Without Due Care and Attention, or Driving Without Reasonable Consideration for Other Road Users" contrary to Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, or other like offences.

Once a motorist has completed a course they will be ineligible for another course offer if they re-offend within 3 years of the original offence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is a combination of classroom based  driving theory and practical, on-road driving under the supervision of an  approved driving instructor.

The course is of 7 hour duration (with a 30 minute  lunch break) and is an alternative to court proceedings where the driver may  receive a fine and penalty point on their driving licence.

Approximately half the course will be theory based and half will be on the road. There are usually 2 clients to a car, so part of this time will be spent as a passenger watching another person drive. This is an opportunity for you to learn.

Yes, a fully insured car will be provided for you. You need to inform the course organiser in advance if you drive an automatic car or if you have a disability that affects your driving.

The theory session is run by driving instructors who are qualified to deliver educational courses. The practical sessions will be with approved driving instructors. Police officers take no part in the course.

The cost of the course if completed within the Dyfed-Powys area is £165, this fee can vary if you choose to complete a course in a different area. You must pay the fee in full when you book your course.

The courses are held in Carmarthen and  Aberystwyth.  If you do not live in the  Dyfed-Powys area, please go online to view all other areas and Service  Providers at

There is no test to pass, but you are required to "complete the course in a satisfactory way". This means you must make a positive contribution to the course by participating fully.

You can book a course online by going to or by phoning 01267 226479 (phones lines are open  between 09.00am and 12.30pm.  There is an  answer phone facility outside of these times or if phone lines are busy).

Courses are available through the medium of English and Welsh.

Satisfactory completion of the course, which means:

  • Attending all  sessions;
  • Completing all  course paperwork;
  • Displaying a positive  attitude to road safety;
  • Demonstrating a  willingness to improve you driving skills and attitudes to road safety.

If you do not manage all these requirements, you  will be considered to have not completed the course in a satisfactory way.

If booking a course within the Dyfed Powys Police area, booking details including any special requirements will be processed via the Fastform Online Booking system hosted by Clarity Information Solutions Ltd for the purpose of booking your place onto a National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme course as a result of you having committed a traffic offence in contravention of road traffic legislation. Details will be provided to course trainers for the purpose of course registration and for any necessary measures to be put in place on the day of your course.

Course Venues

Outside of the Dyfed-Powys Police Area

For information on service providers and venues outside of the Dyfed-Powys police area visit the NDORS Police UK website, or Driver Improvement website.

Booking / Further Information

You can book a course by visiting our online booking website or if you have any queries or questions not covered within this information or would like to book a place on the course over the telephone, please contact:

Dyfed-Powys Police, Police HQ, PO Box 99,  Llangunnor, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire SA31 2PF

Phone: 01267 226479.  (Phone lines are open between 09.00am and 12.30pm. There is an answer phone facility outside of these times or if phone lines are busy).
Online Booking:

If you have any special requirements (e.g. translator / interpreter required, specific requirements in respect of disability, breastfeeding facilities or any medical condition which could impact on your attendance on the course, Contact Us before booking.

Client Feedback

Below are examples of feedback received from clients who have previously attended this course:

  • "I gained confidence in driving and more knowledge.  The course was beneficial and I met wonderful course tutors / instructors and fellow course takers"
  • "It was beneficial to have good feedback about my driving from someone other than my partner!"
  • "Raised my awareness on road and improved smoother driving.  Course excellently delivered with easily understood information"
  • "Fantastic trainers.  Overall found it very helpful"
  • "Course provided practical and appropriate information which I could relate to"
  • "Increased my awareness"
  • "Helped my driving on the whole"
  • "It was beneficial to learn how to be more alert when driving.  The trainers were excellent"
  • "Advice given by instructors about COAST most beneficial.  Possibly more theory in the classroom would be more beneficial"