Have you heard the tea story? If not, we highly recommend you spare a couple of minutes of your time to take a look at this video. 

We're encouraging students coming in to our force area to watch the video as part of our Freshers Week campaign.

It’s a simple story that helps you clearly understand if someone wants a cup of tea or not, including how someone may change their mind, which can be frustrating but should be respected.

Or if they fall asleep, they definitely do not want tea and should never be forced to drink tea.

The same applies to sex. Consent is everything.

Sexual consent is where a person has the ability and freedom to agree to sexual activity.

Sex without consent is rape.

A simple message and one that you may not feel you need to consider, but unfortunately we do see an increase in reports of sexual assault and rape with students being the victim and perpetrator, so it’s a story worth remembering and sharing.

There's more advice for students right here...

Starting university is a huge step, and a new chapter in a young people's lives. While students get caught up in the excitement of living alone, making new friends and discovering a new place, parents can be left at home worrying about their child’s safety.

During the first few days on campus, we advise that students make themselves familiar with the area – pick up a map, bus or train timetable, and save the number of a reliable taxi firm in your phone. Parents can help with this if they are dropping students off at university for the first time.

Dyfed-Powys Police wants students to enjoy their time at university and has put together a checklist of security tips to consider to take some of the pressure away from those first few days away from home.




All ready for your big student night out? Try to go easy on the booze! Make your night out one to remember for the right reasons and look after each other.

Here's some top tips for an enjoyable and safe night out.


  • Line your stomach - set yourself up for a great night out
  • Pace yourself and avoid rounds - you'll save money and your stomach!
  • Look after each other - stay together and if anyone needs to go home, make sure they do so safely.
  • Put some cash aside to get home safely.


  • If getting a taxi, use a reputable one.
  • Be warned - we have Behave or be Banned schemes operating in the area. If you get banned from one bar, you’ll be banned from all. That would really put a dampener on student life wouldn’t it?