19 Oct 2017

Dyfed-Powys Police fully supported national Anti-Slavery Day by carrying out visits to various areas and premises to help raise awareness of this crime which is often hidden in plain sight. The aim is to make Wales hostile to slavery and to provide the best possible support for survivors.

Due to the hidden nature of slavery and their reluctance or inability to seek help, many people may not realise they’ve come into contact with a victim. And this is why it’s important that everyone knows some of the signs to look out for. Being aware of slavery will help us to rescue more survivors and bring their perpetrators to justice.

Detective Chief Inspector Ross Evans said: “Anti-slavery day is an important and good opportunity to raise awareness of this hidden crime. To think of slavery occurring in 2017 is difficult to comprehend, but sadly we do experience this in Wales and indeed in Dyfed-Powys. The majority of our investigations in Dyfed-Powys relate to labour exploitation which is a potential form of modern slavery. This can often be employees not receiving the minimum wage or where they are being controlled by others.

 “Officers and staff promoted Anti-Slavery Day and carried out numerous visits on the day to help us raise awareness of the signs to spot. If you would like more information or details please speak with your local neighbourhood team.

 “I want to reassure the public that we are working very closely with our partners to gather and share information which helps tackle this issue. Even so, it is still very likely that there are more victims in our area that we do not know about yet. I would urge all front line public and private sector workers to familiarise themselves with the 'spot the signs' advice, as this will help prevent missing any opportunities to safeguard vulnerable people living and working in our communities. Remember, modern slavery is closer than you think.” 

Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • Someone who is distrustful of authorities

  • Someone who appears to be under the control of others

  • An over-crowded house or flat

  • Someone who is unsure of their home address or the local area

  • Someone who may not have cash because they can’t keep the money they earn

  • Someone who can’t produce their passport or personal documents

For further information, please visit www.wales.gsi.gov.uk/anti-slavery

If you suspect that someone is a victim, don’t delay, call 101 about general concerns, 999 in an emergency, or 0800 0121700 for the Modern Slavery Helpline. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.