13 Jun 2017

Your identity is valuable, and allows you to function in everyday life.  If someone steals your identity, they could use your details to illegally apply for products and facilities, and they could even attempt to take over your accounts.

Some tips to keep your personal information safe

  • Remember to treat your personal information as confidential. 

  • Be careful if someone asks for details such as your PIN, password, mother’s maiden name, or date of birth.

  • Keep your credit card within your sight – don’t let someone take it away and “clone” the card. 

  • If you need to create a password, choose something secure that is hard to guess or discover.

  • Make sure you check your bank statements for any suspicious activity.

  • Also be careful if someone asks for such details as your PIN, password, mother’s maiden name or date of birth.

  • Your bank will never call at your address to pick up your card

Some tips to prevent you becoming a victim of bank skimming include:

  • Wherever possible, always use the same ATM machine, and be very cautious if there are any changes, such as a new leaflet holder. If it's outside a bank (and these criminals will do that), go in and ask about the changes first.

  • Use a machine within the bank itself, although that's obviously not always possible.

  • Watch out for anyone close by. If they seem too close, cancel the transaction and go to another machine.

  • Cover your hand as you enter your PIN by holding your other hand above it.

  • Always take your receipt. It doesn't contain your full number, but don't give criminals any information at all.

Some tips to help you be vigilant in relation to phone scams

  • Your bank and will never ask for your PIN.

  • Your bank will never attend your home to deliver a replacement card or to collect cash.

  • Your bank will never call at your home to collect your bank card.

  • Your bank and/or the police will never ask you to transfer funds into a ‘safe’ account due to a fraud investigation at your bank

If you believe you have been a victim of Fraud contact Dyfed Powys Police on 101.