03 Mar 2020

Superintendent Jon Cummins, Specialist Operations lead said:


“We welcome the announcement of 120 additional  Tasers for the force.  Taser can be a valuable and effective option for police officers when dealing with violence or threats of violence. Tasers allows the police to respond to situations where otherwise we may have to deploy firearms and is one of a number of tactical options deployed by the police to protect themselves and members of the community.


“The amount of Taser authorisations has risen over the last 2 years, which is as a result of an increasing number of incidents involving the presence of knives. This is an emerging trend which is replicated nationally.


“The additional devices will be shared across the force area in line with demand and to ensure maximum geographical coverage.


“Taser is an important tactical option for officers but is not the answer to all violent or threatening situations. Its use is regulated by strict standards and is conditional on the completion of a rigorous training programme. “


“The use of Taser is governed by national guidelines and experienced officers make an assessment of the threat and risk presented to them before any decision is made to use one. Each time a Taser is deployed, we review that use to ensure policy has been followed and to identify any concerns.”