09 Dec 2013

Everyone wants to enjoy themselves at Christmas, but Dyfed Powys Police are reminding revellers to enjoy themselves safely by following some key tips.

“By just being prepared and thinking about a few details, it could make the difference between a hassle free night out and a nightmare,” said Inspector Rose Ann Lloyd. “So think about planning your evening in advance. Pre-book a taxi with a firm you know is reputable rather than joining the taxi queues at the end of the night, or even worse, attempting to walk home. And never accept a lift from someone you don’t know.

“Stay close to your friends. If you do decide to go somewhere else, then make sure you tell someone.

“Be sure to have enough money on you and it would also help to fully charge your phone before going out.

“Finally, take care with the amount you drink. Don’t binge drink, but do drink in moderation and don’t ever leave your drink unattended. It’s important that you know your limits. And it’s also important that friends look out for one another. “

Other top tips include the following:

• If you feel drunk, light headed or ill after just a few drinks, seek help from a trusted friend or member of staff. 
• If you see anyone adding anything to someone else’s drink, tell them
• If you believe your drink has been spiked contact the police immediately on 999
• Spiking is sometimes meant as a harmless prank, but it can have serious consequences – not only severe intoxication, but also increased health risks. Some of these substances can lead to loss of consciousness, temporary loss of memory and even render people unable to move
• The advice from police is simple - don’t drink and drive
• Consider the consequences of drink driving on your health, your family, your job and others
• If you’re caught drink driving you could be banned from driving or go to prison
• Don’t get into a car with someone who is under the influence of drink or drugs and attempts to drive

For more top crime prevention tips this Christmas visit our website www.dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk or follow us on twitter @DyfedPowys