09 Aug 2017

The Force’s summer campaign, entitled #EnjoyDPP, offers practical advice to help people enjoy the towns, beaches, mountains and events in the four counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys.

Powys Chief Inspector of Operations, Matt Scrase, said: “Local officers are working hard to make sure Brecon Jazz is an enjoyable event for everyone. All we ask is that you come to Brecon and enjoy what is on offer safely and with consideration for other people.

“Police officers, Special Constabulary volunteers and Brecon Street Pastors will be patrolling the town during the festival to give help and reassurance to visitors, businesses and residents.

“We are very lucky to live and work in a place that people want to visit and we welcome visitors to the area to come and enjoy what is on offer.”

Police will be working closely with partner agencies that provide specialist assistance, to keep people as safe as possible this summer. #EnjoyDPP is about giving people the safety advice that could prevent them from requiring police assistance this summer.

Enjoy Our Beaches and Waterways

Open water, such as rivers, canals and reservoirs, contain hidden dangers. Never swim in open water, especially if you have been drinking alcohol.

RNLI say that a high proportion of people who drown off the UK’s coast are likely to have died after experiencing cold water shock. Their Respect the Water campaign promotes a key piece of advice for people who do find themselves unexpectedly in cold water:

1. If you find yourself unexpectedly in the water – float for 60-90 seconds to increase your chances of survival. That period of time will allow the effects of cold water shock to pass and they you can take the relevant next step.

2. If you see someone else in trouble in the water – call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

Visit www.respectthewater.com for more information.

Be aware of the tide times when you are visiting the beach. Visit: www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/tide-times for local timetables.

Enjoy Our Towns

Anti-social behaviour rises over the summer months and can cause distress to local communities. Police officers can direct people to leave an identified area if their behaviour is considered unacceptable, and confiscate items that are contributing to anti-social behaviour. Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be on patrol as usual in towns throughout the summer, to help everyone enjoy themselves safely and considerately.

Enjoy Our Mountains

Follow Brecon Mountain Rescue’s advice to safely enjoy the hills and mountains in the Brecon area:

• Plan before you set out;
• Carry plenty of water;
• Take food with you;
• Bring a map and compass. Know how to use them;
• Monitor the conditions constantly;
• Turn back if you are uncertain.

Visit www.breconmrt.co.uk for more mountain safety advice.

Enjoy Our Events

Police officers and Police Community Support Officers will be attending many local events over the summer. Speak to them about a wristband for your child, in case they get lost. You can also speak to them for crime prevention advice and to report any concerns you have.

Whether a visitor or a resident, if you become unwell the Choose Well guidance can help if you are unsure of the best health service to meet your needs. Access advice and local contacts from the webpage: www.choosewellwales.org.uk, or download the Choose Well app on your mobile phone.

If you need to contact police, consider the situation you’re reporting and make the right call. In an emergency call 999, if the matter is less urgent call 101. To check if the thing you wish to report is a police matter or not visit our new contact us page on our website www.dyfed-powys.police.uk.