01 Sep 2017

On 19th June 2017 a robbery occurred in the Dolfor area of Newtown, Powys during which an 88 year old lady was subjected to a sustained attack and detained in her home with significant injuries.


In the process of the robbery jewellery was stolen, to date this property has not been recovered. Police are appealing for any information regarding the location of the jewellery or who may have had possession of it.


Of note is the bracelet with the engraving ‘Blanche’.


Newtown Detective Sergeant, Ian Whitgreave, said: “We are still working hard on our investigation into this appalling attack on a vulnerable victim.

“We are now able to release this photograph of the jewellery that was stolen from the victims’ home. A particularly distinctive piece is a silver bracelet engraved with the name – Blanche.

“If anyone recognises this jewellery - perhaps someone has offered it to you for sale, or you have spotted it in a shop or car boot sale – we would urge you to contact us by calling 101.”


Please contact DC 167 Amy Davies with any information on 101 (Ex 51328) quoting crime reference DPP/0070/19/06/2017/01/C.


1st September 2017