10 Oct 2016

People dressing as clowns have been warned their outfits may not be committing an offence, but their behaviour could.


The warning has been issued following around 30 reports of clowns-related incidents throughout Dyfed-Powys Police over the weekend.


Most of the calls were to report sightings of clowns, some reported feeling scared and there are isolated incidents that are being investigated further. No arrests have been made.


Sergeant Rhys Williams, of Dyfed-Powys Police, said: “Dressing as a clown is not an offence, but deliberately scaring someone, causing harassment, alarm or distress could lead to arrest. There is also the possibility that you could attempt to scare the wrong person and they could retaliate.


“Please be mindful that what seems like a bit of fun to you, could not be seen the same way by those on the receiving end of this prank.


“Anyone who commits a criminal offence should be aware that dressing as a clown does not make them exempt from being investigated and dealt with through the Criminal Justice System.”