20 Oct 2017

We’re expecting strong winds this weekend that, combined with high tides, are likely to affect coastal communities.

Help us by thinking of your own and others’ safety. We understand the temptation to go and see the spectacular waves but please remember conditions are dangerous and you could find yourself in trouble suddenly.

We’d ask that you consider your options before contacting us to report weather related issues, in some cases other organisations may be better placed to help you, e.g. Local Authority, BT Openreach, Western Power etc.

For example, if you are calling about a fallen tree or power/telephone poles - you should only call us to report this if there is a significant risk to others or there has been a collision and someone is injured - in this case call 999. Please only call the police about weather related issues, including road closures, if it is urgent.

For more information about areas at risk of flooding visit Natural Resources Wales: https://naturalresources.wales/flooding/check-flood-warnings/?lang=en