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Local Policing Priorities

Local area: Parc Y Minos, Burry Port

Date agreed: 31 August 2019


Recent complaints of youths causing Anti –Social Behaviour at Parc Y Minos, Burry Port.

Local NPT officers are aware of the issues and will be patrolling the area on a regular basis, including a multi agency approach to resolve.

Local area: Station Road, Burry Port

Date agreed: 31 December 2019


Numerous vehicles are causing an obstruction along Station Road, Burry Port.  Vehicles are parking on double yellow lines, and also causing an obstruction near the junction.  Local NPT officers will be working along side Carmarthenshire County Councils enforcement team and will issue tickets where necessary.

Local Events

There are currently no events for this area

Local Notices


Gollwng Sbwriel


Rubbish collects in the areas close to the railway line, Plas y mor complex and recycling centre in Burry Port town.  We are working together with Probation Service in order to get these areas cleared.

We have linked in with the local probation team, and the areas of Plas Y Mor and the recycling centre in Burry Port have now been cleared of rubbish.  It was a successful clear up for the town and we will now be looking to tidy the footpaths in the Burry Port area.


Glanhau’r Traeth - Parc Gwledig Pen-bre


In conjunction with clean coast week 2016, local PCSO Scandone 8197 attended Cefn Sidan beach, Pembrey.  PCSO 8197 was present with other agencies and members from our local community.  It was a successful event which lasted for 3 hours on the morning of 25/04/2016.  A substantial amount of litter was collected, and we look forward to taking part next year.


Yr Heddlu’n rhoi cyngor diogelwch i garafanwyr


Thieves are known to target caravans for spare parts or to sell on and will also target valuables left inside.


Caravans are more difficult to secure than your home or car but there are measures you can take to help deter thieves.


Here are some top safety tips for caravaners:


  • Leave curtains open so criminals can clearly see that there are no valuables to steal


  • Most new, modern mobile homes come equipped with the kind of window and door locks that you will find on residential properties, but these can only be effective if they are used


  • Install intruder alarms - these have proven to be an effective deterrent to scare off offenders


  • Choose your site with care and give some consideration to the security features it offers as well as its facilities.


  • If possible, look for sites that display the ‘Secure by Design’ logo, indicating that the site meets with stringent security standards and that measures such as CCTV and private security patrols have been implemented.


  • Consider the use of intelligent property marking systems such as Smartwater DNA which can link your holiday home to your main domestic residence. 


  • Immobilise your caravan even when you stop only briefly.


To report a theft from a caravan or any suspicious activity around a caravan call 101, or in an emergency 999.





Bogus callers prey on the most vulnerable people in our communities attempting to con them out of vast amounts of money for unnecessary and overpriced work.

Sometimes they pretend to be from reputable companies and sometimes they resort to distraction tactics.

Cold callers will phone or knock your door unannounced and try to sell you a product or service. Many are genuine but some can be scams.

Make sure you follow police advice on how to deal with unnanounced callers to keep yourself and your property safe:

  • Consider fitting a chain on the door – and always use it. Remember to keep the door chain on until you are sure your caller is genuine.
  • Do not let anyone into your home that you do not know or until you are completely satisfied that they are who they say they are.
  • Make sure the caller is genuine. Ask to see identification. If in doubt, telephone the company the caller says they work for. Don’t use a number on their card but look it up in the phone book.


For more top tips click here.


Anti-Social Behaviour – Burry Port


There have been numerous complaints over the past few weeks of youths causing Anti-Social behaviour in the Burry Port town area.  We have received calls from local businesses / residents reporting issues they have been having along with bogus 999 calls.  Youths have been identified, Police & other agencies are working closely together and monitoring all calls received / issues raised and are dealing with when necessary.  If you witness any ASB or are having issues please contact the NPT team via 101.


Know where your children are?


Parents – support us in keeping anti-social behaviour to a minimum by making sure you know where your children are and what they’re doing.

Levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Dyfed Powys are relatively low, but during school holidays we see a rise in reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) by young people.

Most are well-behaved, but a minority engage in underage drinking, use bad language, can be noisy and intimidate residents by hanging around in large groups.

Young people who engage in ASB could receive a criminal record that could affect them for life.

We will be patrolling known hotspots throughout the holiday period to keep ASB to a minimum.

Your support in this matter would be most appreciated.

Report ASB to 101 or here.


Community Speed Watch – Burry Port / Kidwelly


Are you having issues with speeding in your area?  If so, you can now sign up to our Community Speed Watch Programme. 

Please contact PCSO 8027 Davies – Burry Port  & PCSO 8011 McNally – Kidwelly and surrounding areas on 101 for more information on how you can become involved and part of reducing speed.

Contact The Team



This email address is for Neighbourhood Policing issues only. For all other enquiries please use:



101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message. In case of emergency you should phone 999.

Local Police Stations

Sandfield Road
Burry Port
SA16 0LH


Non-Emergency Number 101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message.

In case of emergency you should phone 999.

Front Counter Opening Hours

Dyfed-Powys Police does not routinely provide an enquiry office service at this station.

Did you know?

The Welsh Government funds 500 Community Support Officers across Wales, over 70 in our force area.