Sergeant Jane Mortley

PCSO Mary Weller

Local Policing Priorities

Local area: Aberystwyth Town

Date agreed: 30 May 2013


Over coming months, Aberystwyth retailers are going to be working in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team by targeting shoplifters and banning them from the stores on convictions. With the effective use of Store Net Radios, stores are able to notify Police and other stores immediately should they have any suspicions of individuals. The purpose of the scheme is to make Aberystwyth a safer and more pleasurable experience to shop.


01 September 2016

The next SABB Meeting will be held on 15th September 2016, meetings are held every six weeks.

31 December 2015

The last meeting was held on the 10/12/15

Next meeting held on 21/01/16

01 May 2015

Steal and be banned (SABB) hold private meetings every 6 weeks. The last meeting was held on the 17/09/15.

05 December 2014

We plan on having the Steal and Be Banned scheme set up by the end of June. Retailers in Aberystwyth Town will be working in partnership with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team by targeting shoplifters and banning them from the stores on convictions. The purpose of the scheme is to make Aberystwyth a safer and more pleasurable experience to shop.

05 December 2014

Steal and be banned scheme up and running within the Aberystwyth town area. 43 stores involved in the scheme, anyone caught shoplifting within the Aberystwyth Town area will find themselves put on this scheme.

Local area: Aberystwyth Town and University

Date agreed: 01 January 2015


The Aberystwyth Behave or Be Banned (BOBB) is a scheme run by licensees within the town. Licensees, Managers and Staff of public houses and nightclubs have the right to refuse entry to anyone.  BOBB Scheme meetings are held every six weeks to discuss any issues arising within their establishments.  Where persons have committed offences or behaved in an inappropriate manner on licenced premises the members can vote to have that person banned.  This ban will apply to all establishments participating in the BOBB Scheme and bans can vary from six months to three years.  If a person who is banned tries to enter licenced premises that are participating in the BOBB Scheme they will be referred back to the next meeting and could have their ban lengthened.  Persons that have been banned can appeal their ban by writing to the committee.
Aberystwyth Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) has strong links with Licensees in Aberystwyth town and fully support the BOBB scheme.
For further information regarding the BOBB Scheme please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or contact and any queries can be forwarded on your behalf to the Committee for their attention at the next meeting.


01 September 2016

At the last meeting which was held on 10th August 2016 five persons were added to the Behave or Be Banned Scheme with two persons being extended.

 The next BOBB Meeting will be held on  21st September 2016, meetings are held every six weeks.

31 December 2015

Last meeting held on 18/11/15.

Next meeting will be held on 06/01/16.

25 January 2015

Behave or Be Banned (BOBB) hold private meetings every 6 weeks. The last meeting was held on the 18/11/15.

Local area: Aberystwyth Town

Date agreed: 01 May 2015


A message from Aberystwyth Town NPT. Mindless vandalism caused to vehicles at night is a great cause for concern.
A large percentage of the damage is being caused to wing mirrors. The damage is caused by an individual who has had too much to drink and for no apparent reason decides to cause criminal damage on their way home.

Wing mirrors stick out from cars and can easily be targeted with a kick or grabbed hold of and ripped off.  Our message is fold your wing mirrors in, or whenever you park your car and leave it unattended. (particularly if you live in an area that is used as a late night
route home from the pub) take the mirrors. 

This simple act may make your vehicle appear less of a target and help to reduce the chance of you becoming a victim of crime.


01 January 0001

Criminal Damage continues in Aberystwyth Town with vehicles being “keyed” and shop premises front windows being smashed. 

Please can members of the public maintain vigilance and contact Dyfed Powys Police regarding any information.

01 January 0001

Local area: Aberystywth

Date agreed: 28 September 2015


Latest scams: Scammers telephoning you that you are placed on the incorrect council tax bracket for a number of years and you are entitled to a rebate in the region of £7000.00 and in order to receive the rebate an administration fee (£60-350) is required in advance.

ADVICE FROM DYFED POWYS POLICE – Never respond to unsolicited phone calls, your local council will not phone out-of-the-blue to discuss a council tax rebate and no legitimate organisation will ask you to pay an advanced fee in order to receive money – NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CARD DETAILS.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use Action Fraud online fraud reporting tool. Sign up to for FREE the Action Fraud Alert for scams and frauds in your area by email, recorded voice & text message.

True Call blocked 98% of nuisance phone calls in tests carried out by trading standards. Find out more about this devise on or call 08000336330.
For more information on advice about scams visit

Jessica scam syndrome
Someone like Jessica, who repeatedly falls for scams and refuses the advice of family and professionals, is becoming known as a victim with JSS. Criminals have mastered the art of brainwashing their victims by posing as characters and bombarding them with calls.


31 December 2015

If you receive a ‘dazzling’ letter, DO NOT respond. Never send cash, disclose personal details or buy goods to claim a prize. Watch out for secret deals, ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Always seek professional advice before signing up to any type of investment scheme including wine, land and property.

Modern technology means scam letters can be mass-produced and made to look like personal letters or important documents, in the hope of tricking the recipient into sending cash or making money transfers. There are many types of scams such as: Lottery and prize draw scams, Catalogue and brochure scams, PPI scams, Parcel delivery scams and prize holding scams.

Local area: Aberystwyth Town

Date agreed: 28 September 2015


Charitable Organisations would like to advise the general public not to leave your kind donations in doorways when the store is closed/overnight as they have not been received the following morning.


31 December 2015

With New Year and Christmas over many of you will possibly be giving away unwanted clothes and items to charity shops. When dropping your items off at the charity shops please take steps to leave them during store opening times and with staff, not left outside the store during the night. You want your items to help people not to be an easy steal for criminals.

Local area: Aberystwyth University

Date agreed: 31 December 2015


Aberystwyth NPT is currently working with Students union at Aberystwyth University to promote safe and responsible drinking through the availability of ‘Mocktails’. ‘Mocktails’ are a non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails or any alcoholic drinks. The Students Union have recently devised a menu of about 9 recipes which are being tested and developed by them and will be available at the students union bar soon. With cooperation from local pubs this initiative will be implemented in venues around town and ‘Mocktails’ will be available for everybody in Aberystwyth.
If you have any suggestions or a local business wishing to discuss implementing ‘Mocktails’ please contact Aberystwyth NPT team.

Local area: Aberystwyth Town

Date agreed: 18 May 2016


ASB Issues – Aberystwyth Town

To monitor and address anti-social behaviour issues in Aberystwyth Town:

1. The consumption of alcohol within the designated No Drinking Zone

Proactive patrols continue and numerous people have had alcoholic drinks seized from them by officers after being found drinking within the prohibited area.

2. Criminal Damage to Vehicles

Since the implementation of portable CCTV cameras around affected areas, reports of criminal damage to vehicles have fallen dramatically.  Local residents are encouraged to report any future instances of damage at the earliest opportunity to give officers the best chance of catching offenders and to ensure that the portable cameras are deployed in the correct areas.

3. Graffiti

Reports of graffiti in town have reduced, however, officers are still looking for any information that could assist with identifying offenders.

Local area: Aberystwyth

Date agreed: 25 March 2018


There have been a spate of burglaries in the Aberystwyth Town area recently. Please be aware and make sure your property is protected and secure. Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.

To help protect your property follow the tips below


Close and lock all doors and windows during the night or when away from property.

Ensure valuables are out of sight.

Treat your shed or outbuilding like your house, lock it at all times.

Gardening and DIY equipment are often used as tools to break into your property, always ensure they are locked away.

Ensure that back or side gates are closed and locked.

Local Events

There are currently no events for this area

Local Notices


Noson Calan Gaeaf a Noson Guto Ffowc


During the Halloween and Bonfire celebrations, officers are increasing patrols in their communities to reassure people and to enable us to react quickly to anyone who uses Halloween or bonfire night as an excuse to commit anti-social behaviour.


Some of our residents do worry when trick or treaters knock the door. While we do not want to spoil people’s enjoyment, we also don’t want it to get out of hand and cause people to feel threatened in their own home.


Trick or treating advice includes:

• Always go with an adult

• Only to go to houses where you or your friends know the people and know you are welcome

• Only go to houses displaying the ‘trick or treaters’ welcome poster

• Don’t talk to strangers

• Don’t enter the house always stay on the doorstep

Contact The Team


This email address is for Neighbourhood Policing issues only. For all other enquiries please use:


101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message. In case of emergency you should phone 999.

Local Police Stations

Divisional Police Headquarters
Boulevard Saint Brieuc
SY23 1PH


Non-Emergency Number 101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message.

In case of emergency you should phone 999.


01970 625174

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Did you know?

The Welsh Government funds 500 Community Support Officers across Wales, over 70 in our force area.