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Yr Heddlu’n atgoffa pobl fregus i fod yn wyliadwrus ynghylch galwyr ffug a diwahoddiad


Bogus callers prey on the most vulnerable people in our communities attempting to con them out of vast amounts of money for unnecessary and overpriced work.

Sometimes they pretend to be from reputable companies and sometimes they resort to distraction tactics.

Cold callers will phone or knock your door unannounced and try to sell you a product or service. Many are genuine but some can be scams.

Police in Milford Haven are warning homeowners and relatives of elderly and vulnerable people to be aware that bogus and cold callers are out there and to advise of some simple steps people can take to protect themselves.

PCSO STACY THOMAS of Dyfed Powys Police, said: “Unfortunately not everyone who knocks unannounced at your door has a genuine reason for being there. Bogus callers are criminals and we encourage residents to beware and know what to do if they do receive a visit from a bogus caller with making sure you ask for ID a priority, along with fitting and using a door chain. If in doubt, keep them out.”

Top tips on how to beat the bogus or cold caller:

  • Consider fitting a chain on the door – and always use it. Remember to keep the door chain on until you are sure your caller is genuine.
  • Do not let anyone into your home that you do not know or until you are completely satisfied that they are who they say they are.
  • Make sure the caller is genuine. Ask to see identification. If in doubt, telephone the company the caller says they work for. Don’t use a number on their card but look it up in the phone book.
  • Don’t let the caller stop you doing these things by saying he or she is in a hurry. A genuine caller won’t mind waiting outside with the door closed while you ring.
  • If you are blind, partially sighted, or have difficulty moving about, you can arrange to have your meters read at an agreed time by a named person. When they call, the meter reader will give their name or an agreed password. If you are worried ring the police.
  • Ask a neighbour or friend to visit while the caller is there
  • Never leave a key hidden outside the home (e.g. under a doormat)
  • If you are selling your home, don’t show people around on your own. Ask your estate agent to send a representative with anyone who wants to view your house.

Call 101 to report a suspected bogus caller or rogue trader. Call 999 if they become aggressive or to report a distraction burglary.

For more advice on protecting yourself and your home from bogus callers visit or call 101.


Yr Heddlu’n atgoffa perchnogion tai i ddiogelu eu cartrefi pan ar eu gwyliau


Dyfed Powys Police in Milford Haven are reminding homeowners to secure their homes when they go on holiday this summer.

More than a third of all burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar enters through unlocked doors or windows. Police are advising homeowners of a number of simple steps they can take to make their property more secure when leaving it unoccupied for any period of time.

PCSO Devonald 8159, said: “Residents need to secure their homes against potential intruders. Lock and secure your home at all times. If you leave your home insecure you could make your home insurance policy invalid and end up out of pocket.

“A recent trend is the 2-in-1 burglary, which is where thieves break into a house and snatch the keys to vehicles parked on the drive. The thieves usually target high value and luxury vehicles, including 4x4s.

“If you have a garage or outbuilding, please use it and lock your car away when not in use. If thieves can't see your car, they can't steal it. Use other security devices such as steering or wheel locks and if you don't have a garage, consider fitting sturdy gates to your driveway or a security post. You could also consider fitting a tracking device to your vehicle.

“Inside your home, don't leave your car keys on view or placed near windows, doors or letter boxes or cat-flaps where thieves can see them. Recently, keys have been taken from kitchen worktops, tables and hooks on walls. Make sure you hide your keys away so any would-be thief cannot find them.”

Following these simple steps will lower the risk of a burglary:

  • Don’t close your curtains - in daytime this shows the house is empty
  • Use automatic timer switches to turn your lights on when it’s dark
  • Leave a radio (on a talk program rather than music)
  • Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries
  • Uncollected mail is a sign that you are away. Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service will keep your mail for up to two months while you’re away
  • Hide important documents and valuable items, or leave them with other trusted family members or in a bank
  • Do not put your home address on the outside of your luggage when you are travelling to your holiday destination
  • Make sure that you’ve locked all doors and windows and, if you have a burglar alarm, ensure it is set
  • Make arrangements with trusted family members or friends to regularly check the property until they return from holiday.



To report a burglary call 101 or in an emergency 999.


For more information how to prevent your home being burgled, please visit the Force website:


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