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Local Policing Priorities

Date agreed: 31 January 2019


The price of both diesel fuel and heating oil has been rising. This led to increases in the theft of diesel fuel from commercial vehicles and heating oil from storage tanks.

In an effort to try to combat the thefts of heating oil, the following points may assist you in preventing yourself from becoming a victim or indeed a repeat victim of theft:

  • Be aware of your oil levels and check frequently
  • Where possible keep your levels low and the same when refilling
  • Consider installing a tank alarm
  • Speak to your supplier with regards to a more frequent but smaller delivery
  • If you have a plastic tank, consider erecting fencing around the tank with one end hinged and locked for filling purposes. The fencing should be fixed to solid posts and should be set off the tank approx. 12 inches on all sides. The same should be fixed to the top as well
  • If you have a steel tank, then fit a quality anti-cut, close-shackled padlock
  • If you have outside security lighting, then please ensure that the system works and that the light sensors have been adjusted correctly to detect movement

Date agreed: 31 January 2019


This December, Tarian the Regional Organised Crime Unit for southern Wales is expecting an influx of calls and emails to the farming community, attempting to trick them out of their money.

Following similar annual patterns when farmers receive their funding from the Basic Payment Scheme, the police anticipate they will be targeted by the same attempts to fraudulently part with their cash.

Criminals have been known to pose as banks, as well as authorities such as the police, to attempt to extort money though illegitimate means. They will either contact the victims via telephone, email or in person and request that money be moved to ‘safer’ locations, due to bogus security issues.

They will create a sense of urgency and may even know minor details about the victims to convince them they are genuine.

Framers and landowners are advised to take the following measures to ensure they do not fall victim to these types of scams this coming winter.

  • Never divulge personal information to anyone, over the phone, in person or on the computer from an email or pop up message or advert.
  • If someone from the bank does call, hang up and using a different line or contacting a family member to ensure the previous call has disconnected, contact the bank directly and ascertain if the call was genuine. If it really is the bank calling, they won’t mind.
  • If someone saying they are from the police calls and asks for any transfer of money, hang up. The police will never do this.
  • Don’t click on any links or open any attachments from unsolicited emails. Check the sender’s details thoroughly before replying and as always, make contact with the sender separately and directly to ensure an email’s validity.
  • If you or anyone know is affected by fraud and cybercrime, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report the matter as soon as possible.

Local Events


Venue: Tregynon

Date / time: 04 Mar 2019 - 10:30


Venue: Broad Street

Date / time: 07 Mar 2019 - 10:30


Venue: Churchstoke Market

Date / time: 17 Mar 2019 - 10:30


Venue: Abermule

Date / time: 29 Mar 2019 - 10:30


Local Notices


The concept is simple, register your details with Dyfed-Powys Police for free and you will be provided with a number of serial numbered zip ties. Put one on each gate that fronts onto a public roadway and it will assist Police to contact you if we need to, in cases of:


  • Damage to your fencing, gates or hedges from vehicles involved in Road Traffic Collisions


  • Stock Control, to advise if any of yours have escaped or if someone else’s stock has been temporarily secured in your field,


  • Incidents of trespass, if persons are stopped and spoken to in relation to being on your land for any reasons, be it shooting, fishing or any other suspicious circumstances.


  • To support the Farm Watch scheme, by updating you of thefts, or suspicious activities occurring in the locality.


Your details will remain confidential, and the Serial Numbers will be unique to your property. We will require your Name, Address, Phone number(s) and Email address (if you have one) to register.

Simply contact us on 101 at Newtown Police Station, to register.

Contact The Team


This email address is for Neighbourhood Policing issues only. For all other enquiries please use:


101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message. In case of emergency you should phone 999.

Local Police Stations

Park Lane
SY16 1EN


Non-Emergency Number 101 (01267 222020 outside Dyfed-Powys)

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available, or take a message.

In case of emergency you should phone 999.

Front Counter Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 08:00 – 20:00
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Closed on Bank Holidays

Did you know?

The Welsh Government funds 500 Community Support Officers across Wales, over 70 in our force area.