Are you looking for a new, varied and exciting career where no two days are the same?

Then the role of a police officer could be for you! #StartYourJourneyHere 

We are currently closed for Police Officer recruitment. Our next recruitment campaign is scheduled for 27th September 2021.

Candidates who have already submitted an application can monitor the status of their application here

We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people who are committed to our vision of safeguarding the community by working together to provide a first-class service that is visible and accessible, ensuring that our communities remain safe.

As a Dyfed-Powys police officer you will respond to the needs of the public with fairness and respect whilst abiding by the policing Code of Ethics.

Since 2019 Dyfed-Powys Police have been working in collaboration with our partner University – The University of South Wales. We offer the opportunity to achieve a qualification in policing as a step towards professionalising the police officer role. As such Dyfed-Powys Police offer new entry routes into the force:

  1. The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship programme

The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) is a 3-year professional degree apprenticeship. Upon completion, successful candidates will achieve a Degree in Professional Policing Practice. To apply for the PCDA entrants must have achieved the required Level 3 qualifications (2 x A level or equivalent) or have successfully completed the online competency based assessment. The Force covers all fees relating to this entry route.

  1. The Degree Holder Entry Programme

The Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) is for those who already hold a degree in any subject area. This is a two-year academic and practice-based programme. Upon completion, successful candidates will achieve a Diploma in Professional Policing Practice. The Force covers all fees relating to this entry route.

You must be a person who thrives on challenges, and is willing to work hard to learn the skills necessary for this difficult but critical role. You will have a comprehensive training programme that will be delivered over a period of 24 months for the degree holder entry programme (DHEP) or 36 months for the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship programme (PCDA).

  1. Pre-Entry Route Information

Dyfed Powys Police will commence an exciting new route to becoming a police officer in 2021. A career in policing demands skill, responsibility, leadership, initiative and a genuine desire to make a difference to society. The pre-join degree is a professional, academic, knowledge based degree with the curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the police constable role and help you meet that challenge. 

To be eligible to apply to Dyfed Powys Police via this route applicants must achieved their Pre-Join Degree in Professional Policing before applying to join the police service or be in the final year of their degree at the time of application and achieve their degree prior to appointment. 

National and local eligibility requirements must still be met and achievement of the degree does not guarantee a successful application. 

Once you join Dyfed Powys Police you will commence a two year probationary period during which you will undertake further practice based learning and assessments in order to demonstrate your competence for the role.  There is an initial training period of 28 weeks, followed by a 12 week tutorship programme.  Following this 40 weeks, if you wish to apply to join the Fast Track Detective Programme then you will be able to do so.

The role of police officer can be a tough and unpredictable job, but it is also an extremely rewarding position. Through our comprehensive training programme you will learn to:

  • protect the public from violence
  • provide a reassuring presence in the community
  • support victims of crime and offer help to those who have witnessed crimes
  • investigate complex crimes using a mixture of cutting-edge technology and time-proven traditional methods

If you do not have a Level 3 qualification, you will be required to undertake an academic suitability test for Verbal Reasoning & Calculation as part of the application process. You can practice these tests prior to applying here.