As part of the Dyfed-Powys Local Resilience Forum a risk assessment process has been carried out looking into the likelihood and impact of a range of major incidents which could occur in the area.
Incidents fall into two categories:

  • Hazards are non-malicious, and could include transport accidents, severe weather, industrial accidents, environmental pollution.
  • Threats are planned incidents, and could include attacks using explosives; chemical, biological, radio-logical or nuclear threats; and electronic attacks affecting utilities and communications.

What we consider

We look at what could happen in the worst case scenario. The incidents may not happen or may occur on a smaller scale, but we have to consider all possibilities.

Risk assessment is a legal requirement under the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act. It is an ongoing process, subject to constant review. Further updates will be available when practicable and appropriate.

Risk register

The Risk Register contains a summary of the type of risks we are currently assessing. For security reasons we do not give more detailed information.  For more information visit Wales Resilience.