In 2016 it was acknowledged that the Force was not yet equipped to support Trans employees and therefore, there was a need to be looking at how it can educate and prepare the workforce and workplace for this. It was also necessary to ensure that the Force was providing a high-level service to Trans members of the community, and those who identify as having non-binary genders.

The Gender Identity Working Group was established internally to address this to consider numerous matters including HR practices, internal and external policies and procedures, the collection of gender data on various forms and systems together with guidance and training available in order to gain a better understanding of where the current position of the Force. This group was chaired by the Force’s Gender Identity Diversity Champion and attended by the relevant heads of department. As well as undertaking internal reviews, the group engaged with the Trans community in order to build relationships and to better understand their needs and experiences. Information and guidance was also sought from other bodies such as Stonewall in order to ensure that any recommendations made to the Embracing Diversity Group (the Force’s Strategic Equalities meeting) were well informed and evidence based.

Further to the work undertaken by the Gender Identity Working Group, a set of recommendations were submitted for the consideration of the Embracing Diversity Group which, having considered the evidence available, the working group deemed necessary if we are to make progress in becoming a more Trans Friendly employer and service. A copy of the report including the Recommendations can be found here.

Those recommendations were accepted by the Embracing Diversity Board, and a delivery plan for achieving the same was authorised by the Chief Constable.


Update: All new developments and refurbishment projects apply gender-neutral facilities where practicable. Standard signage has been agreed and applied.

Update: All Dyfed-Powys Police cells are gender neutral.

Update: The policy has been reviewed and updated accordingly by the policy owner.

Update: The Force’s new Positive Action Strategy has been written and is currently awaiting final approval.

Update: Amendments have been made to the new starter paperwork to allow individuals to indicate if they require any additional support associated with their gender identity. 

Update: An LGBT+ refresher day was held in July, surgeries and community engagement will be an agenda item with an opportunity to discuss best practice and any barriers. Officers have been asked to log their engagement internally and update the website with future surgery/engagement dates.

Update: A page is currently being built on the internal intranet which will feed in to the website with an aim to launch in July during Pride season.

Update: In 2017 a Trans Gender Awareness input from the then chairperson of the LGBT+ Support Network was made for staff from People Services, about the different aspects of gender variance/gender identity, which everyone found useful. An internal awareness video has also been made available.

Update: All custody staff undertook specialist Transgender training during custody refresher training throughout January, February, March and April 2019. Any new custody staff are trained with regards to annexe L of Pace which covers the guidance for such detainees.

Update: In the Spring of 2018 all the staff had a half day’s input from In-Equality which was very well received. The Force Communication Centre have also written a refresher input for staff which includes a Transgender Awareness video.

Update: All staff within Professional Standards Department have viewed the internal Transgender Awareness video.

Update: The internal Transgender Awareness video has been embedded into the Equality & Diversity training matrix and therefore will be shared as part of that piece of work, force wide.

Update: Title options and gender options on iTrent have been amended.

Update: Sensitive information section on iTrent has been reviewed and updated in 2019.

Update: HR policies are gender neutral.

Update: HR policies are gender neutral.

Update: Once this action plan has been completed and we are satisfied with progress we will provide an update internally and externally.

Update: This can link in to action 6, as part of refresher day these recommendations were discussed.


If you have any questions in relation to this work, or have any suggestions as to additional Recommendations we should be considering as a Force then please do not hesitate to contact the Equality, Diversity and Welsh Language Manager by email.